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Goosebumps: Episodes 1-5 Review

Episodes 1-5 of Goosebumps tell an unfocused, meandering story, failing to deliver on thrills and bearing little resemblance to the book series.

In the Fire: Film Review

In the Fire marks Amber Heard’s return to the screen, portraying a psychiatrist who ignites a war of science versus religion when sent to care for a troubled boy.

The Lost Boys: LFF Film Review

In The Lost Boys, Zeno Graton shares a powerful love story in an unlikely place where the desire for romance and freedom come together.

Fingernails (Apple TV+): Film Review

the poster for the AppleTV film Fingernails

Christos Nikou’s Fingernails fails to delve into the themes that make its premise so interesting, but it’s still an enjoyable, gripping watch.

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood: Film Review

Anna Hints’ Smoke Sauna Sisterhood is a quietly engrossing documentary that tells the stories of several women in the darkness of an isolated sauna.

The Puppetman: Shudder Film Review

Though Christensen’s The Puppetman will satisfy horror fans with its kills, the logic behind the entity fails to produce a satisfying conclusion.

Jules: Film Review

Though Jules explores relatable themes and the human race’s desire for connection, the film’s underdeveloped story makes the sci-fi drama forgettable.