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Maestro (Netflix) Film Review

Carey Mulligan leans on Bradley Cooper in the film Maestro

Bradley Cooper’s second directorial effort, Maestro, is a bold and stylish, if somewhat schmaltzy, portrait of the relationship and music that made up Leonard Berstein.

The Palace: Venice Film Review

Roman Polanski’s Alps-set “eat-the-rich” satire The Palace spends its entire runtime setting up a grand finale that never comes.

Tatami: Venice Film Review

Zar Amir Ebrahimi and Guy Nattiv’s Tatami is a raw, poignant and empowering tale of two women who defy the threat of oppression and choose to be free.

Hoard (2023) Film Review

In Luna Carmoon’s Hoard, a teenager comes to terms with the abuse and love she experienced as a child, and ultimately discovers who she is when the two things are combined.

One Piece (2023) Netflix Review

Netflix’s One Piece is not only a loyal adaptation of the beloved manga, but also an incredibly entertaining and well-made show in its own right.

Finalmente L’Alba: Venice Film Review

The protagonist of Finalmente L'Alba sits in a car

Rebecca Antonaci shines in Saverio Costanzo’s Finalmente L’Alba, a film that might not be for everybody, but its quirkiness definitely comes with charm.