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My Old School Film Review: Deception & Survival

Starring Alan Cumming as “Scotland’s most notorious imposter,” Jono McLeod’s My Old School is both a documentary on the art of deception and a meaningful investigation on expectations, possibilities, and survival.

A Taste of Hunger: Film Review

A Taste of Hunger wanders aimlessly between narrative directions without exploring the competitive culinary world enough, despite having enough time to do so.

Sundown (2021) Film Review

Sundown is a story of sun, sex and shirked responsibility – Michel Franco’s challenging tale of hedonism and neglect starring Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Euphoria’s season 2 dwells into the origins of Cal during episode 3, in what might be the show’s funniest and most meta episode yet.