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The TVA Experience: Loki Comes to London

On 7th October 2023, Loki comes to London with the TVA Experience, a pop-up adventure in your favourite locations from the Disney+ series!

The TVA Experience is coming to London, and even though it’s a one-day only pop-up event, it’s not too late to plan your visit to the Time Variance Authority! The event is happening on Saturday 7th October at the OXO Tower, and even though all tickets are sold out, they are still accepting walk-ins on the day. And more importantly, it’s completely free, and you get a slice of lime pie at the end.

We had the chance to attend the TVA Experience, and it’s a lot of fun. The best part about it is getting to visit some of the locations from Loki Season 2, as you are first processed by the TVA staff, and then taken to a “variant” and given a task to accomplish. It lasts approximately 45 minutes, and not only are you allowed to take photos, but the staff even takes one for you with one of the best rooms. It’s also very interactive, and the actors stay in part the entire time, despite how silly it all is: it is guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

The TVA Experience is a free event that will only be around for one day and requires no entry fees, so it’s understandable that this event is not as elaborate and full of sets as other recent pop-up experiences related to your favourite shows. If the Stranger Things experience had multiple photo-ops with the most memorable sets from the series, a more extensive and elaborate narrative behind it, and plenty of items to buy at the end, the TVA Experience only has a couple of sets, a few interactive moments, and some photo-ops with a couple of sets (see below!) and the Loki posters at the end.

The TVA Experience at London’s OXO Tower

But if you remember that the entire thing was set up so that it can be taken down after one day, it’s so impressive! The commitment of the actors will make you feel like you’re an actual variant, and the attention to detail in the rooms you’ll get to visit is fantastic. You’ll also get to relive a similar experience to Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) in season 1, as you’ll be shown Miss Minutes’ introductory TVA video and reminded of nexus events, sacred timelines, and a lot more things.

At the end of the experience, you’ll get a slice of lime pie, and you’ll be left with the urge to watch Season 2 of Loki the moment you get home, just so you can spend more time with your favourite characters.

For more information, head to the official “Disney Tickets” TVA Experience site, and take a look at some of our photos from the event! To use the TVA’s words, “For all time. Always.”

The TVA Experience at London’s OXO Tower
The TVA Experience at London’s OXO Tower
The TVA Experience at London’s OXO Tower
The TVA Experience at London’s OXO Tower
The TVA Experience at London’s OXO Tower

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