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I quote obscure movie references in conversations and take disappointing book endings way too seriously. I watch Love, Actually every Christmas, I take life lessons from Dawson’s Creek, I’ve written a dissertation on Joker, and I once had to explain to the security guards at the airport that the ‘sharp item’ they found in my bag was, in fact, a Harry Potter wand.

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Mack & Rita (Film Review): Ode to the “Inner Old Gal”

Diane Keaton is having a blast in Mack & Rita, an enjoyable body swap comedy that misses the opportunity to delve deeper into its themes.

Luck (Apple TV+) Film Review: Finding a Forever Family

Thanks to gorgeous animation, the ever-charming Jane Fonda, and unexpected emotional beats, Apple TV+’s Luck is a rewarding, enjoyable watch.

Venice Immersive: Virtual Reality Line-Up for Venezia 79 (2022)

Venice Immersive returns to Venezia 79 with 43 Virtual Reality projects from 19 countries. Discover the 2022 line-up and synopses!

2022 Venice Film Festival: Venezia 79 Line-Up Announced

The line-up of the 2022 Venice Film Festival has been announced! Read the full list and find out which films will premiere at Venezia 79.

Thor: Love and Thunder (Review): Waititi Overdoes It

Despite its great acting, score and worldbuilding and epic character moments, Thor: Love and Thunder feels like one continuous joke that doesn’t land.

Iqbal Theba on Land of Gold: Tribeca Interview

Land of Gold has just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival: read our interview with actor Iqbal Theba and find out more about this “little labor of love”.

Land of Gold (Tribeca Review): “The Choice in Between”

Nardeep Khurmi’s debut feature Land of Gold is a profound, superbly acted meditation on home, life and family – not just the one we’re born into but the one we make for ourselves.

The Courtroom (Tribeca Review): Musings on Immigration Law

Adapted from a Broadway play, The Courtroom tells the true story of a Filipina immigrant who risked deportation after mistakenly registering to vote while on a K3 visa.

My Love Affair with Marriage (Tribeca Review): The Truth About Love

My Love Affair with Marriage is an ironic but absolutely on-point look at how societal expectations shape a woman’s identity and self-worth.

Next Exit (Tribeca Review): Searching for Meaning

Taking place in a world where ghosts and humans coexist, Next Exit is really about two self-destrictive humans looking for something to hold on to.