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Pietro Gagliano on dynamic Virtual Reality film “Agence” (Interview)

Pietro Gagliano tells us about developing Agence, a dynamic VR experience that lets users play God with Artifically Intelligent creatures, tackling issues of responsibility, human-machine empathy, and more.

Competition: Win a Digital Copy of Sister of the Groom! (Ended)

Enter our competition to win a Digital Copy of new Nicolas Cage sci-fi action film Jiu Jitsu, out on Digital HD 21 Dec & Blu-ray/DVD 4 Jan!

A Teacher (Fx on Hulu): Reflections on Morality (Review)

Hulu miniseries A Teacher examines a predatory relationship between a teacher and a high school student, offering meaningful reflections on morality.

Stardust: A Bowie-Inspired, Bowie-Less Drama (Raindance Review)

Despite its intriguing premise, Stardust is an uninspired fictional account of the birth of Ziggy Stardust that features no Bowie in neither music nor spirit.

Sublet: The Lessons We Learn From Strangers (Newfest Review)

Clever, ironic and overwhelmingly human, Sublet shows us what happens when we’re taken out of our comfort zone, and teaches us a valuable lesson in love.

Nine Days: A Stunning Investigation on Life (AFI Fest Review)

Seen through the eyes of five souls competing to be born, Nine Days is a poignant analysis of existence that reminds us of what makes life worth living.

Limbo: An Ode to A Past Identity (LFF Review) (LFF Review)

Limbo documents the refugee experience with irony, wit and heart, telling the tale of a young Syrian musician waiting for asylum on a remote Scottish island.

A Common Crime (Un Crimen Común): a Political Drama Disguised as a Thriller (LFF Review)

A Common Crime (Un Crimen Común) explores the evils of contemporary Argentina through the eyes of a guilt-ridden middle-class woman.

Supernova: Firth and Tucci Shine, But the Fireworks Do Not Go Off (LFF Review)

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci excel in Supernova, a well-meaning, delicate drama whose flawed screenplay prevents any real emotion from getting through.

The Town of Headcounts (Ninzu No Machi) is the Best Dystopian Drama You’ll See This Year (VIFF Review)

Set in a Town of nameless people, The Town of Headcounts (Ninzu No Machi) is a clever dystopian drama and a brave, accurate analysis of modern societal dynamics.