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Downton Abbey: A New Era (Review): Familiar, But In a Good Way

A New Era follows the formula we’ve come to expect from a Downton Abbey movie, but its most emotional and meaningful moments make it an enjoyable watch.

HBO Max’s Station Eleven and the Art of “Who Knows What When”

HBO Max’s slow-burning series Station Eleven keeps the audience on its toes by revealing details a little at a time over its ten-episode run. But how effective is its storytelling style?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Review): Great Visuals but Little Emotion

Though technically well-crafted, Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness favours style over storytelling, and results in a chaotic film with little emotional impact.

Saint-Narcisse (Review): A One-Of-A-Kind Modern Fairy Tale

In Saint-Narcisse, Bruce La Bruce tackles mythology, religion and sex to tell a story about our selfie-obsessed culture that is bizarre in all the right ways.

Slash/Back (SXSW Review): Vibrant Inuit Alien Invasion Film

Director Nyla Innuksuk crafts something unique with Slash/Back, a vibrant, charming alien invasion sci-fi film that’s drenched in Inuit culture.

The Girl From Plainville on Hulu (SXSW): Episode 1 Review

Elle Fanning excels in Episode 1 of Hulu ‘s series The Girl From Plainville, inspired by Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide” case.

We Are Not Ghouls (SXSW Review): Guantanamo Doc Inspires

Poignant documentary We Are Not Ghouls chronicles military attorney Yvonne Bradley’s attempts to defend a Guantanamo prisoner and uncover a corrupt system.

Crows Are White (SXSW Review): The Cages We Build & Escape

In Crows Are White, director Ahsen Nadeem visits a secretive Buddhist sect in Japan to shed light on humanity, religion, and what makes life worth living.

The Adam Project (Review): Heartwarming Sci-Fi Nostalgia

Starring Ryan Reynolds as a pilot who teams up with his younger self, The Adam Project is an enjoyable sci-fi adventure about a father and a son.

Director Alli Haapasalo on Girl Picture (Sundance Interview): “A Film About the Need to Be Seen”

Girl Picture ‘s director Alli Haapasalo tells us about the film’s messages, challenging gender bias and clichés, casting and aesthetic choices, winning the Audience Award at Sundance and more.