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Serena Seghedoni

I quote obscure movie references in conversations and take disappointing book endings way too seriously. I take life lessons from Dawson’s Creek, I’ve written a dissertation on Joker, and I once had to explain to the security guards at the airport that the ‘sharp item’ they found in my bag was, in fact, a Harry Potter wand.

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Moral Gray Areas in Michel Franco’s Memory

Michel Franco’s Memory is a superb exploration of human connection after trauma, but it’s its moral gray areas that make it such a philosophically compelling film.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Review

Zegler and Blyth shine in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, a prequel with great worldbuilding and some storytelling issues.

How to Have Sex: LFF Film Review

Exploring consent, adulthood, and party culture, How to Have Sex does exactly what its title sets out to do: show us the difference between sex and rape.

The Specific Grief of The Boy and The Heron & All of Us Strangers

The Boy and the Heron and All of Us Strangers explore the same specific kind of grief, delivering a devastating watch to those who experienced it.

Fingernails (Apple TV+): Film Review

Christos Nikou’s Fingernails fails to delve into the themes that make its premise so interesting, but it’s still an enjoyable, gripping watch.

The TVA Experience: Loki Comes to London

On 7th October 2023, Loki comes to London with the TVA Experience, a pop-up adventure in your favourite locations from the Disney+ series!

The Queen of My Dreams: Film Review

The Queen of My Dreams is a charming story about love in all its forms, revolving around a mother and a daughter who have a lot more in common than they think.

Shayda: LFF Film Review

Zar Amir and Selina Zahednia are superb in Shayda, playing an Iranian mother and daughter fighting to be free from their abusive husband-father.

“I’m Too Cynical for Tulpamancer”

Virtual Reality experience Tulpamancer sees an AI craft an experience for you in real-time. At Venice Immersive 2023, I discovered that I’m too cynical for it.

Alix Delaporte on On The Pulse (Vivants): Interview

We interview writer-director Alix Delaporte on On the Pulse (Vivants), a film set in a newsroom that’s ultimately about family and experiencing life.