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Riders of Justice: Flawless Storytelling (Glasgow Film Festival Review)

In Riders of Justice, Anders Thomas Jensen defies genre conventions and crafts a one-of-a-kind black comedy that is as riotously funny as it is touching and meaningful.

Da Capo: School of K-Rock (Glasgow Film Festival Review)

Though Da Capo’s stylistic choices don’t always work in its favour, Shim Chanyang’s K-Rock drama still has enough rhythm and energy to be a heartwarming watch.

Cody Calahan on “Vicious Fun” (Glasgow Film Festival Interview)

Ahead of Vicious Fun’s FrightFest UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival, we interviewed director Cody Calahan on his entertaining serial killer horror comedy.

Sia’s “Music” Isn’t Interested In Its Titular Character (Review)

Featuring gorgeous music videos and great songs, Sia’s Music uses many familiar tropes to tell a story that isn’t really about its neurodiverse titular character.

Lou Ward on Tinker: “Memories are What Make ‘You’ You” (Interview)

Lou Ward tells us about developing Tinker, a live, unscripted VR performance that raises awareness on Alzheimer’s Disease by making you part of the story.

The Sparks Brothers: The Sundance Review Fanfare!

In The Sparks Brothers, master storyteller Edgar Wright introduces us to Sparks, crafting a documentary that’s as captivating, cool and ironic as the pop-rock duo itself.

John and the Hole: Mesmerizing Pyschological Thriller (Sundance Review)

John and the Hole is the flawed but wonderfully twisted story of a 13-year-old boy who finds an inventive way to distance himself from his family.

Seeds of Deceit: Thought-Provoking Fertility Doctor Case Study (Sundance Review)

Seeds of Deceit, Miriam Guttmann’s series about fertility doctor Jan Karbaat, asks all the right questions, leaving you with a lot to think about.

Pietro Gagliano on dynamic Virtual Reality film “Agence” (Interview)

Pietro Gagliano tells us about developing Agence, a dynamic VR experience that lets users play God with Artifically Intelligent creatures, tackling issues of responsibility, human-machine empathy, and more.

A Teacher (Fx on Hulu): Reflections on Morality (Review)

Hulu miniseries A Teacher examines a predatory relationship between a teacher and a high school student, offering meaningful reflections on morality.