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Serena Seghedoni

I quote obscure movie references in conversations and take disappointing book endings way too seriously. I take life lessons from Dawson’s Creek, I’ve written a dissertation on Joker, and I once had to explain to the security guards at the airport that the ‘sharp item’ they found in my bag was, in fact, a Harry Potter wand.

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Shrinking Series Finale Review (Apple TV+)

The series finale of Shrinking is as rewarding as we wanted it to be, delivering the most important lesson of all and paving the way for Season 2.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Ted Lasso ‘s Season 2 Episode 12 blends tension, humour and wisdom and delivers an epic Finale, with enough surprises to leave us aching for Season 3.

Shrinking (Apple TV+): Episode 9 Review

With episode 9, Apple TV+’s Shrinking proves that it’s not just a series about therapists, but also a therapeutic show.

Shadow and Bone (Netflix) Season 2 Review

Season 2 of Netflix ‘s Shadow and Bone will satisfy fans, with a story that slightly differs from the books but has the same charm.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Premiere Review

Ted Lasso is back! The Season 3 Premiere takes us back to where it all started but reminds us just how much our characters have changed.

Louder Than You Think: SXSW Review

Louder Than You Think is not just a documentary about Pavement drummer Gary Young, but also a devastatingly human look at fate, creativity, and life.

With Love and a Major Organ: SXSW Review

In With Love and a Major Organ, director Kim Albright takes us to a world where people’s hearts are objects, and urges us to live and love to the fullest.

Satan Wants You: SXSW Review

Satan Wants You uses the 1980s-90s “Satanic Panic” hysteria to show us how easy it is to believe extremely unlikely things when they’re marketed well.

Molli And Max In The Future: SXSW Review

Clearly a product of the pandemic, Molli And Max In The Future is a rom-com set in space that won’t be for everyone but has a lot of heart.

Shrinking (Apple TV+): Episode 8 Review

Episode 8 of Apple TV+’s Shrinking is the series at its most psychologically compelling. Our vigilantes reclaim their own selves and “boop” what comes in their way.