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Todd Haynes

Born on January 2, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, Todd Haynes is a director, screenwriter, and producer mainly known for indie films like Velvet Goldmine and Poison and global hits like Far From Heaven, Carol, and I’m Not There.

His films include both documentaries, from biopic Superstar – The Karen Carpenter Story to 2021 gem The Velvet Underground, and dramas that shine due to the filmmaker’s attention to character development and unique style. His pictures are usually very evocative and often provocative, blending various genres to experiment with the medium and bring something new each time.

Haynes is a queer director and he often explores sexuality and gender in his films, but his main trademarks are the elements of nostalgia and introspection, and the fact that his movies tend to present complex situations without necessarily offering a solution. His latest work is the acclaimed May December (2023), but he has many projects in development.

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