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Sorry About The Demon: Film Review

Emily Hagins’ Sorry About The Demon is a mostly successful romantic horror comedy that shines with a charming cast and an endearing screenplay.

Breakups are devastating. They can rip out a part of your soul with no remorse and destroy the fabric of your being. Whether it’s amicable or hostile, it’s an experience many people will go through with the feelings of heartbreak and sadness becoming all too relatable. However, the end of a relationship can be the start of a new path for a new connection to take over. Whether it’s through friendship, an increased sense of workmanship or even a stronger spiritual connection with the supernatural.  Emily Hagins’ Sorry About The Demon is a film that takes the agonising concept of break ups and transforms it into a heartwarming and unique horror story

Sorry About The Demon follows Will (Jon Michael Simpson), a man in his 20s working a dead-end job as a toothpaste salesman. After disappointing Amy (Paige Evans), his girlfriend of five years, for the last time, the couple break up and Will scrambles to find a new home. As Will settles down into his new home which was given to him by an overly enthusiastic family, he discovers that he might not be alone and the restless spirits of the house within have made it their mission to torment him in every waking moment.

To make your living dream in life a reality requires lots of sacrifices. Whether it’s to sacrifice money, friends or even the mere idea of not allowing other paths to overtake your hopeful future, we all make tough decisions to reach our highest potential. The character of Will is a man unwilling to commit to his ultimate path in life and because of this, he finds himself static in a world moving on at a different pace alongside his girlfriend. Will’s considerate and kind yet afraid to move on to the next chapter of his life which immediately makes him relatable. As we move forward with each passing year as human beings, there’s a certain sense of fear that comes with following the never ending path of life. Those moments of real relatability as well the performance of Jon Michael Simpson throughout is where Sorry About The Demon truly begins to shine.

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Sorry About The Demon (Shudder)

To marry horror and comedy is to bring two contrasting emotions together into a rich blend of genres that rides a delicate balance. For many films, this balance is what makes or breaks both the emotional and narrative weight that an audience can gravitate towards. Although the comedy of Sorry About The Demon shines more than its horror trappings, the film’s marriage of the two genres works more often than not thanks to Emily Hagins’ confident hand in direction. From the outset, Sorry About The Demon feels like a labour of love thanks in part to its endearing writing and the incredibly fun performances from each member of the cast. Although the idea of the film is extremely simple and doesn’t seek to be too complex beyond its initial premise, it’s one that never stops being enjoyable thanks to its sincere passion throughout each and every scene. 

Sorry About The Demon is a mostly successful blend of horror and romantic comedy that shines most as a relatable story of how one survives the process of a break up amid the already existing insecurities of your greater goal in life. Although it suffers from some cheap jumpscares and weak humour at times, it shines as an endearing and extremely cute piece of filmmaking that is confidently brought to life by its charming cast. Surviving breakups is an enduring task for many but when made into a delightful little treat of a horror comedy like this, maybe it isn’t so bad after all.

Sorry About The Demon premiered exclusively on Shudder on January 19, 2023.

Sorry About The Demon: Trailer (Shudder)
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