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Aaron Murray

I’m a 20 year old autistic writer who loves anything from that one movie that won an oscar once to some undeniable trash you wish never existed. You’ll probably find me in a cinema one day hogging all the popcorn.

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Fool’s Paradise: Film Review

Charlie Day’s Fool’s Paradise suffers from weak humor and muddled pacing but, thanks to its confident direction, it mostly works as a satirical comedy.

Hypnotic: Film Review

Robert Rodriguez’s Hypnotic has an interesting premise but suffers from weak performances, editing, and a script that fails to resonate.

To Catch A Killer: Film Review

Damián Szifron’s To Catch A Killer suffers from a weak screenplay but thankfully manages to elevate itself above other crime thrillers thanks to its direction and performances.

The Last of Us: HBO Series Review

HBO’s The Last of Us suffers from some pacing hiccups but comes out on the other side as the first great video game adaptation.

Therapy Dogs: Film Review

Ethan Eng’s Therapy Dogs is a messy but emotionally resonating documentary that delves into a complicated final year of high school.

Boyz N The Hood: Film Review

John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood is an intimate and timeless classic that’s as charming as it is incredibly raw and heartbreaking.

Sharper (Apple TV+) : Film Review

Benjamin Caron’s Sharper is an engaging and twisty drama that loses some steam by the end but nevertheless remains a fun time.

Director Andy Mitton on The Harbinger: Interview

The Harbinger director Andy Mitton tells us about the challenges of directing during a pandemic and the creative process of his acclaimed horror film.

There’s Something Wrong With The Children: Film Review

Roxanne Benjamin’s There’s Something Wrong With The Children tries to add some visual flair but ultimately can’t escape from being a derivative misfire.

Sorry About The Demon (Film Review): Mending a Broken Heart

Emily Hagins’ Sorry About The Demon is a mostly successful romantic horror comedy that shines with a charming cast and an endearing screenplay.