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Slip: Roku ChannelSeries Review

Slip stars Zoe Lister-Jones as Mae, a struggling woman trying to navigate a failing marriage whilst simultaneously trying not to lose herself too.

What if the love you were longing for had been right in front of you this whole time? For Mae (Zoe Lister-Jones), our leading lady, her journey of self discovery and the road to loving herself again is not an easy one. In fact, it’s a bumpier road than she could have ever imagined. When Mae seriously doubts her current marriage with husband Elijah (Whitimer Thomas), she picks up a man in a bar, Eric (Amar Chadha-Patel), and sleeps with him. In the morning, Mae wakes up next to Eric thinking her one night stand is uncomplicated enough to walk away from. However, Mae has slipped into an alternate universe where she’s married to Eric and her relationship with Elijah never existed. Through navigating the ropes of infidelity, Mae must find herself, and “slip” in and out of various mariages with people she sleeps with in order to get back to Elijah.

Slip is strange to wrap your head around at first. Mae is essentially slipping into various parallel universes after sleeping with someone. When she wakes up the next day after her endeavours, her entire life has changed and she’s married to whichever new person she has slept with. The only consistency throughout the universes is her best friend Gina (Tymika Tafari). Although Gina and Mae are still best friends when everything else in Mae’s life has changed, Gina is unaware of Mae’s situation. Mae is the only one who knows what’s happening, and wherever she tries to explain it to someone, they of course don’t believe her and think she’s crazy. It does all make sense at the end, but it is one of those shows where you have to sit and binge the whole thing otherwise it might get a little too confusing.

Zoe Lister-Jones is the woman who has done everything, and who is continuing to add anything possible to her resume. Lister-Jones has starred in multiple Broadway shows, directed, written and starred in a comprehensive list of film titles, and even released her own music. Most recently, her directorial work for How It Ends and The Craft: Legacy have been the most notable. It’s great to see the continuation of her directorial work shift into the realms of TV, especially when it’s a project she’s written too. Lister-Jones is definitely someone we’re going to keep seeing a lot of in the coming years, whether that be adding onto her directorial work, or seeing her front and centre like her role as Mae in Slip.

It appears obvious how Lister-Jones has written the role of Mae for herself as she embodies it ever so wholly. There are a lot of sex scenes, but what else would you expect from a show that is centred around a woman entering parallel universes after having sex? Lister-Jones is such a talented actress and shines as the main character in Slip. Sandy (Emily Hampshire) is also unforgettable in the episodes she appears in as another of Mae’s parallel marriages. Hampshire is delightful and I’m so glad to see her appearing in more TV roles since her work as Stevie Budd in Schitt’s Creek.

Each episode is around the 30-minute mark and there’s only 7 episodes so it would be a shame to miss out on Slip. It may not be the best TV show of the year, but it’s worth the watch. It’s humorous at times, and takes a deep dive into friendships, relationships and what it really means to be human. You don’t want to miss it!

The first season of Slip will be available to stream on The Roku Channel from April 21, 2023

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