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Jason Blum and Sharknado enthusiast. Probably found in my room watching films or writing about them. And no, I won’t shut up about Another Round until it gets its well deserved Oscar.

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Amanda Film Review: Complete Comfort

Amanda showcases what it’s truly like to be a mid-twenties woman in a life that’s often isolating, as our protagonist navigates her days in Italy.

Rien à Perdre: Cannes Film Review

Virginie Efira stars in Rien à Perdre, a Cannes Un Certain Regard drama, as she tries to fight for her son when he’s taken away by child services.

The Other Fellow Review: The Real Life James Bonds

The Other Fellow dissects what the name James Bond means to real people around the globe who were born as the titular character in Fleming’s spy novels.

Fast X (Review): A Load of Carnage

Fast X zooms into cinemas this weekend, with Vin Diesel back in the driver’s seat once again, joined by Jason Momoa, Diesel’s new archenemy.

Love According to Dalva: Film Review

Love According to Dalva explores childhood manipulation, as Dalva learns how to be a young girl again when she is forced to grow up.

Director Carter Smith on Swallowed: Interview

Swallowed director Carter Smith sat down with us for an interview and talked all things queer and eerie in the leadup to the release of his latest nail-biting horror.

Slip: Series Review (The Roku Channel)

Slip stars Zoe Lister-Jones as Mae, a struggling woman trying to navigate a failing marriage whilst simultaneously trying not to lose herself too.

Swallowed (Film Review): Queer Trepidation

Swallowed is an agitating and tense queer horror which follows two childhood best friends as they try to smuggle drugs over the Canadian border.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 1974 Film Review (4K UHD)

In Second Sight Film’s release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Leatherface is ready to be witnessed in 4K UHD 48 years after its original release.

Valentine’s Day: 14 Movies to Watch

We’re here to bring you 14 movies to watch this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, falling hard, or already with your forever match.