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The New Hunger Games Movie: Everything We Know About Sunrise on the Reaping

Three characters of the new Hunger Games movie stand with the arena behind them, based on everything we know about Sunrise on the Reaping

With the announcement of a brand-new Hunger Games movie, Sunrise on the Reaping, fans have a lot to be excited about: here is everything we know about it!

Hunger Games fans will be happy to know that their favourite series is coming back with Sunrise on the Reaping, a new instalment of the beloved franchise. It was only less than a year ago that the franchise made a fantastic comeback with The Hunger Games: The Ballard of Songbird and Snakes. The latest prequel explored the complicated character and backstory of President Snow, adding a new element to the history of the series. With the newest book and movie coming up – yes, both were announced on the same day – the Hunger Games franchise will expand its backstory once again. Here’s everything we know about the new Hunger Games movie!

The Setting of the New Hunger Games Movie: Where & When Sunrise on the Reaping Will Take Place

Sunrise on the Reaping will be set 24 years before the events of the first Hunger Games book. This means that it will also take place 40 years after The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes that we have just become familiar with. More specifically, the newest Hunger Games prequel will begin on the morning of the reaping for the 50th Hunger Games, which fans will know as the Second Quarter Quell. Presumably, this means that the newest film will take place – at least partially – in District 12 as well as in the Capitol. After all, those are the two settings that we also majorly see in both the main trilogy and the prequel too.

The Plot of the New Hunger Games Movie: What Sunrise on the Reaping is About

It is not yet entirely clear what the plot of Sunrise on the Reaping is going to be, but we can make some educated guesses on what the newest instalment of the franchise may include. As mentioned, the Hunger Games film will take place during the Second Quarter Quell, which fans will remember being referenced in Catching Fire. In the history of the Hunger Games, the 50th edition was known to be one of the major historical events in Panem. As with every Quarter Quell, this too came with a special twist: twice the amount of tributes would be reaped, two boys and two girls, making a total of 48 tributes instead of 24.

Haymitch Abernathy looks at someone. From everything we know about the Hunger Games movie, he will be the protagonist of Sunrise on the Reaping
The New Hunger Games Movie: Everything We Know About Sunrise on the Reaping – A still of Haymitch Abernathy (Lionsgate)

The Characters of the New Hunger Games Movie: Who Will be in Sunrise on the Reaping?

There will be some familiar faces for Hunger Games fans to recognise when watching and reading Sunrise on the Reaping. As we know from previous films, the Second Quarter Quell was won by none other than Haymitch Abernathy: the second-ever winner from District 12 although, according to Panem’s revised history after Lucy Gray’s erasure at the end of The Ballad of Songbirds and Stakes, he was only the first. But Haymitch is not the only character who may be returning in the new Hunger Games film. It is entirely possible that we may once again see President Snow as the antagonist once again, as well as possibly his cousin Tigris Snow, who may very well be still a stylist in the Games at this point in the story.

Everything We Know About the Themes of the New Hunger Games Movie

According to initial declarations, Sunrise on the Reaping will explore themes of propaganda and the power of media in shaping narratives in order to examine the question of what is real or not real. It is also very likely that the new Hunger Games film will include similar themes that we have seen in previous adaptations of the series. In particular, given the setting on the morning of Reaping Day, it is entirely possible that the movie will focus on the stark difference between the poverty in the districts – particularly in District 12 – and the excessive wealth in the Capitol.

The Release Date of the New Hunger Games Book and Movie: When Will Sunrise on the Reaping Come Out?

The book is going to come out on March 18, 2025, only a little less than a year after it was announced at all. The novel will, of course, be written by none other than Suzanne Collins, the author of all four Hunger Games books so far. The announcement also included a film adaptation of the upcoming novel, which will be released by Lionsgate on November 20, 2026. The movie has reportedly already started production in early June 2024, but there is still no news on casting announcements regarding any of the main characters.

Is There a Trailer For Sunrise on the Reaping?

There is no trailer for the new Hunger Games film. After all, the movie has barely started production for now, However, looking at the timeline of the previous film, we can expect a teaser trailer sometime in the first half of 2026. It may seem like a long time to wait, but at least we will have the book coming out next year to keep us busy in the meantime.

The official title of the Hunger Games movie, which from everything we know about the film will be Sunrise on the Reaping
The New Hunger Games Movie: Everything We Know About Sunrise on the Reaping – A promotional still for the movie (Lionsgate)

The Cast of the New Hunger Games Film: Who Will Star in Sunrise on the Reaping?

Much like for the trailer, we don’t have any actual news on the cast of Sunrise on the Reaping. Similarly to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, there probably won’t be any actors from the original Hunger Games saga returning to the new film of the franchise. Instead, audiences can expect the film to feature a brand new cast that may play younger versions of characters we already know and love. It is likely that a casting announcement regarding the new Hunger Games film may only come next year.

Sunrise on the Reaping Streaming: When Will the New Hunger Games be on Netflix?

As mentioned, Sunrise on the Reaping is not out in cinema yet – and won’t be for another two years – but you can watch the most recent Hunger Games movie on Prime if you live in the UK or Europe or on Disney Plus or Starz for US audiences. Given that none of the Hunger Games films are currently on Netflix, it is unlikely that Sunrise on the Reaping would ever be on the streaming platform even in the future.

The new Hunger Games book: what is Sunrise on the Reaping based on?

Just like the rest of the franchise, Sunrise on the Reaping will also be based on a book written by Suzanne Collins, the author of all the Hunger Games books in the series. However, the newest Hunger Games book is not out yet but it was announced on the same day as the film was. The good news is that the book will come out a lot earlier than the movie, in March 2025, to make the wait for the film a lot more bearable.

Admittedly, we know very little of Sunrise on the Reaping and yet it already looks like a promising film and a fitting continuation for the Hunger Games franchise. It is a particularly fascinating one for fans of the series as it will focus on Haymitch, one of the most beloved characters in the films. As readers of the second book will already know, Haymitch’s story will also be particularly heartbreaking to watch. It will probably also be a chance to revisit the themes dear to the series as it is symbolic of the treatment that Capitol City reserves for the citizens living in the districts.

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