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Clotilde Chinnici

Clotilde’s love for film began at a very young age with the Disney cartoons she would watch over and over. However, her passion for films truly sparked with franchises like Hunger Games and Harry Potter. After graduating with a BA in Film from King’s College London, Clotilde started working in film production and entertainment journalism while developing a deeper understanding of film movements and trends. Although most of her time is occupied by watching films, writing and talking about them to anyone who will listen, Clotilde enjoys reading and baking in her free time.

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The Plus One (2023) Film Review

Erik White’s new rom-com The Plus One has great comedic acting but fails to truly engage its audience, only really picking up in its third act.

Love at First Sight: Netflix Film Review

Netflix’s newest rom-com, Love at First Sight, is a sweet, funny, and at times even emotional film.

Snow in Midsummer: Venice Film Review

With its reflection on the past, Keat Aun Chong’s Snow in Midsummer delivers a painful portrayal of injustice.

Red, White & Royal Blue: Movie Review

Matthew López’s charming and sweet Prime Video movie Red, White & Royal Blue is a glorious win for romantic comedies.

The Owners (Vlastníci): Film Review

Witty but sometimes painstakingly slow, The Owners (Vlastníci) is a clever political satire on the failures of democracy.

The Monkey King: Netflix Film Review

With some structural flaws in the narrative, The Monkey King tells an action-packed tale of self-acceptance.

Lola: Film Review

With Lola, Andrew Ledge creates an eerie portrayal of an alternate version of history we thankfully never got to see.

Oppenheimer: Film Review

With his brilliant and powerful film Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan once again establishes himself as a visionary director.

Director Celine Song on Past Lives: Interview

We sit down with Celine Song, writer and director of Past Lives, for an interview as part of this year’s Sundance London Film Festival.

Mutt: Film Review (Sundance London)

With its powerful performances and high-stakes plot, Mutt is a timely and necessary film in today’s world.