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Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect

Colin and Penelope look at each other in Bridgerton Season 3

Season 3 of Bridgerton is coming out in May, but what can you expect from the new season of the show? Here’s what we think will happen!

Ever since Bridgerton season 3 was announced, fans have been looking forward to a new season of the period drama show set during the Regency era. What can viewers expect from the new season of the show? By looking at the promotional material and the official plot of the series, this author already has some ideas. As fans will very well know, each season of Bridgerton focuses on a different Bridgerton sibling and their journey to find a love match. If season 1 was centred on Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and season 2 on Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), the protagonist of the third season of the show will be none other than Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). Keep reading to find out what to expect from Season 3!

A New Romance in Bridgerton

Colin and Penelope hold glasses at a party in Bridgerton Season 3
Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – Colin and Penelope in the series (Netflix)

In previous seasons, the love interest was only introduced in that specific season of Bridgerton. This time, instead, viewers are already familiar with both romantic leads: Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), and Colin Bridgerton. The audience has gotten to know the protagonists over the past two seasons, but the romance will be new. It will be very exciting to see two characters we already know and love grow up in the upcoming season and eventually fall for each other. So far, every season has featured a different love trope, and we can expect the same from season 3. Given Penelope and Colin’s previous history, it is safe to say that in the main trope will be childhood friends to lovers.

Lady Whistledown in Season 3

The Queen reads Lady Whistledown's pamphlet in Bridgerton Season 3, one of the things we can expect in the series
Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – The Queen reads Lady Whistledown’s pamphlet in the series (Netflix)

As the narrator of the show and our insider look into the world of Mayfair during the marriage season, Lady Whistledown will be and always has been key to Bridgerton. But, as we have learned at the end of season 1, Penelope is Lady Whistledown. As she takes more of a central role in the marriage market of season 3, how will Penelope reconcile her new self in the ton with her newfound fame as Lady Whistledown? Only time will tell, but it may be more complicated than we expect.

Cressida’s role in Season 3

Eliose and Cressida in Season 3 of Bridgerton
Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – Eliose and Cressida in the series (Netflix)

Cressida Cowper (Jessica Madsen) is another character we know from the previous seasons of the show. After having seen Cressida as an antagonist in seasons 1 and 2, is it possible that she may have a redemption arc in the new season? We don’t know that yet, but judging from the promotional material, it seems that Cressida may have more of a central role going forward, especially given her newfound and unlikely friendship with Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jesse). As readers of “Romancing Mr Bridgerton” – the book season 3 will be based on – may remember, Cressida may also play a key part in the Lady Whistledown plot in this upcoming season of Bridgerton.

Eloise’s role in Season 3

Eloise - one of the characters we can expect to see in season 3 - holds a book and looks at someone with longing in Bridgerton
Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – Eloise in the series (Netflix)

In season 3, we can expect to see more of the conflict between Eloise and Penelope. In the previous two seasons we have seen them as best friend, so seeing the two oppose each other will be a big change in their respective storylines. As Penelope will eventually become part of the Bridgerton family – after all, we all know how the love story of the third season is going to go – the new season of Bridgerton may see their reconciliation. Their friendship has been such an important part of the show, and of their characters, that I cannot imagine what season 3 would look like without it.

What We Can Expect From the Bridgertons

Kate and Anthony are about to kiss in Bridgerton
Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – Kate and Anthony in the series (Netflix)

Kate (Simone Ashley) and Anthony stole everyone’s hearts in the second season of the show. As the new viscount and viscountess Bridgerton, we can expect to see more of the couple in the upcoming Bridgerton season 3 in their new roles as the head of the Bridgerton family. Another change in the Bridgerton family will be Francesca (Hannah Dodd). After barely seeing Francesca at all in the past two seasons, she will make her debut this season. This will undoubtedly establish her as a key character going forward and perhaps even lay the groundwork for her very own season one day.

The New Characters in Season 3

Penelope and Lord Debling in Bridgerton Season 3
Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – Penelope and Lord Debling in the series (Netflix)

Much like in previous seasons of the show, in Bridgerton season 3, the ton will get acquainted with new faces for the upcoming marriage season. First and foremost, Lord Debling (The Crown’s Sam Philips) is a new suitor who will be particularly involved with Penelope’s storyline. But he is not the only eligible man that eager debutants may have an interest in: James Phoon will play the dashing suitor Harry Dankworth. Daniel Francis will also join the third season of the show as Marcus Anderson, a charismatic man who seems to have a connection with Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh).

Season 3 already looks promising, even if we only know little of it so far, and I cannot wait to watch Bridgerton once again and immerse myself in Regency-era Mayfair as young debutants and eager mamas prepare to face the marriage season to find an eligible husband. This season is also particularly exciting as it will be even more interconnected with the whole plot of Lady Whistledown and the Queen’s quest to uncover her identity, which is one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole show.

Bridgerton Season 3 will have 8 episodes. Part 1 (episodes 1-4) will be available to stream on Netflix on May 16, 2024 and Part 2 (episodes 5-8) will launch on June 13.

Bridgerton Season 3: What to Expect – An official clip from the series (Netflix)
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