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Bluey: 5 Best Episodes of Bingo

Bingo the dog stands in the middle of a carpet with a fence behind her

Whether she’s playing games or learning what it means to grow up, the 5 best episodes for Bingo in Bluey show that she’s more than just the youngest sister.

Bingo has more to her character than simply being Bluey’s younger sister, and the sheer number of great episodes of Bluey that focus on her is proof of this. Going into my latest rewatch of the show, I wouldn’t have expected to have so much difficulty whittling down a top five list of Bingo’s best episodes, but that goes to show how much the Bluey creative team adores her. Whether she’s coping with the difficulties of growing up or simply playing another game with her family, here are the 5 best episodes of Bluey which give Bingo the spotlight,  ranked from worst to best.


Season 2 Episode 3

Three characters of Bluey laugh inside a bus in the episode "Dance Mode", one of the 5 Best Episodes of Bingo according to Loud and Clear Reviews
Bluey: 5 Best Episodes of Bingo, ranked from worst to best – “Dance Mode” (Disney Plus)

It’s hard being the youngest child. It’s even harder being the youngest child of a sister with a TV show named after her. There’s no doubt that the early portion of season 2 of Bluey presents a renewed focus on Bingo, and “Dance Mode” is one of the better offerings. I had considered listing the season’s previous episode “Featherwand” here because it’s just plain fun, but I like “Dance Break” ever so slightly more.

While both episodes deal with similar issues, “Dance Mode” teaches kids a more complex lesson. When Bandit inadvertently eats Bingo’s last chip, Bingo’s reward is a game of Dance Break, where Chilli or Bandit have to break into dance at Bingo’s whim. But when Bluey, Chilli, and Bandit take each of Bingo’s opportunities, Bingo has to learn to speak up for herself. Any time the Heelers publicly humiliate themselves for the enjoyment of their kids, you’re in for a good episode of Bluey, but when you add on the sneakily empowering message for the youngest sibling in all of us, you’re in special company.


Season 3 Episode 14

An animated dog stands in front of a parcel with eyes closed and hands raised in victory, and her dog friends look at the parcel next to her
Bluey: 5 Best Episodes of Bingo, ranked from worst to best – “Pass the Parcel” (Disney Plus)

Ah, the “participation trophy” debate. Every parent secretly hates the idea but loves when a competition doesn’t end with their kid in tears. The season 3 episode “Pass the Parcel” tackles this in the Bluey way, but makes Bingo a wise, old soul without feeling like a sudden shift in her character. Lucky’s dad hijacks the birthday party game by giving out one present to one child, rather than a smaller present to every child.

Based on Bingo’s past reactions throughout the series, you’d expect her reaction to losing out on every single birthday party game to be more dramatic. But, to Chilli and Bandit’s surprise, she takes it with grace and acceptance. Best of all, it doesn’t feel like Bluey is condemning the idea of participating trophies. Rather, it’s celebrating the idea that kids don’t need to be infantilized at every turn, and if we trust their emotional maturity, they’ll be OK in the end.


Season 3 Episode 30

Bingo holds a turtle while Bluey is using her phone in the episode "Turtleboy", one of the 5 Best Episodes of Bingo according to Loud and Clear Reviews
Bluey: 5 Best Episodes of Bingo, ranked from worst to best – “Turtleboy” (Disney Plus)

The season 3 episode “Turtleboy” feels a bit like a companion piece to season 1’s “Camping”, wherein Bluey makes a tangled, temporary connection with a friend. This time it’s Bingo who unknowingly strikes up a friendship with Dougie, a deaf boy, due to their shared love of a stuffed turtle toy which was left behind at a park. The Bluey creators ingeniously make the episode a kind of dual narrative, where Bingo and Dougie never meet but very much want to take the toy home for themselves. Unfortunately for them, their parents want them to leave it behind in case the real owner ever shows up.

The episode teaches responsibility in a way that can easily appeal to both kids and adults, and continues Bingo’s arc of growing up. Just like “Camping”, “Turtleboy” shows that relationships – even a relationship with a stuffed animal – can be incredibly meaningful to a kid, no matter how short they last.


Season 2 Episode 45

Bingo and Bluey hug in "Handstand", one of the 5 Best Episodes of Bingo according to Loud and Clear Reviews
Bluey: 5 Best Episodes of Bingo, ranked from worst to best – “Handstand” (Disney Plus)

Season 2’s “Handstand” really sneaks up on you, a deceptively simple setup that lands an emotional punch. As is often the case in real-life birthday parties, Bingo’s is full of noise and chaos, but all Bingo wants to do is have someone, anyone watch her successfully perform a handstand. But whenever she successfully does so, someone conveniently looks away or becomes distracted. And then the episode shifts to Granny, who just wants to help out in some way, any way, but is just repeatedly told to “have a seat and relax”.

You can probably see how “Handstand” ends from this simple synopsis, but it’s no less delightful. There’s so much more below the surface – the sheer number of things happening in any given moment between a dozen characters on screen, for example – that I’m surprised the episode isn’t more regularly hailed as one of the series’ best.


Season 2 Episode 26

Bingo stands in the middle of the universe, inside a broken Earth, in the Bluey episode "Sleepytime", one of the 5 Best Episodes of Bingo according to Loud and Clear Reviews
Bluey: 5 Best Episodes of Bingo, ranked from worst to best – “Sleepytime” (Disney Plus)

“Sleepytime” is often hailed as the best of all the Bluey episodes, and on certain days, I would agree – the episode recently ranked as #21 on IMDb’s list of the greatest TV episodes ever. It never fails to make me cry, no matter how many times I’ve seen it, and the inclusion of Holst’s “Jupiter” – my favorite piece of classical music – certainly adds to it.

The episode is admittedly geared a little more towards the show’s adult audience, but there’s still plenty of humorous moments whenever Bingo strays from her own bed. Any sleep deprived parent will easily relate to the episode’s message of how bittersweet it is to see your kid grow up, going from someone that constantly needs you to someone seeking their own independence. There were plenty of signs before “Sleepytime” that Bluey knew how to pull at the heartstrings, but this episode fully goes for the jugular. Now I’m crying again.

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