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Blow Up My Life: Film Review

Blow Up My Life is a riveting watch from start to finish. It is a perfect balance of comedy and action, with stellar acting and surprises at every turn.

Making a comedic thriller about one man exposing corruption in the pharmaceutical industry requires precision and balance. Humorous moments can either make or break tension; intense fight scenes can distract from or complement lightheartedness. Blow Up My Life manages to be hilarious at all the right moments while not minimizing the intensity and action woven throughout. It is a roller coaster of an experience, with impressive acting, sound and an unexpected ending.

Jason Trumble (Jason Selvig) is a disgraced pharmaceutical employee who lost the opportunity of a lifetime: designing an app that would change the pharmaceutical industry forever. But when he uncovers his former employer’s secrets to use the app to profit from users’ opioid addictions, he becomes the one man who can bring the Big Pharma company to justice.

Blow Up My Life finds its place among other crime and action films as a riveting but comedic experience. It successfully blends humor with a dark concept—that people can be abused for monetary gain—to make an enjoyable movie with a deeper message. The key figure to this balance is Jason Selvig. Known for his work in the viral comedy duo The Good Liars (with co-star Davram Stiefler), Selvig brings a natural humor and sarcasm to his performance that feels in no way forced or poorly executed. His on-screen chemistry with Stiefler, who plays Gary Johanssen, is especially noticeable, but the entire cast complements one another well.

Co-written and co-directed by Ryan Dickie and Abigail Horton, the film has an incredible script and screenplay. Every scene is unexpected, and it veers away from cheesy or cringe worthy dialogue. The story itself is ironic and satirical, pointing out the absurdities of the pretentious high class. As a former pharmaceutical tech worker, Jason is the perfect guy to investigate and take down the corrupt business. After his fall from grace, he starts at rock bottom and decides to fight for something good. Within a comedic context, the film has inspirational undertones that remind viewers how impactful their lives can be, even when all else seems lost. Viewers watch Jason grapple with motivation to do the right thing, and the desire to simply look out for his personal wellbeing.

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Blow Up My Life (WPDA Studios)

That one man rocks the boat of Big Pharma is a strong testament to the reality of the film’s release. The film was made during COVID-19 with a limited cast to comply with pandemic guidelines, but nevertheless, Blow Up My Life premiered at the Austin Film Festival, and won Best Film at the Harlem International Film Festival. Even more impressive, the film had a 10-city theatrical release, including eight cities with AMC theaters. After making waves around the country and alongside other massive films this year, I am hopeful that Blow Up My Life will become a comedy classic for a wider audience.

Quite a few moments in Blow Up My Life are unexpected, but the most jaw-dropping parts of the film happen at the end. The film’s final moments are befitting for its title, as the story culminates in what feels like an explosive climax. Blow Up My Life is a riveting watch from start to finish. It breaks free from “safe” storytelling to garner a truly surprising experience with noticeably high-quality filmmaking, acting, and production throughout.

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Blow Up My Life will be released on digital platforms on November 21, 2023. Read our interview with directors Abby Horton and Ryan Dickie and star Jason Selvig on Blow Up My Life!

Blow Up My Life: Abby Horton, Ryan Dickie & Jason Selvig Interview – Loud And Clear Reviews
We interview directors Abby Horton and Ryan Dickie and star Jason Selvig on Blow Up My Life, a comedic crime thriller full of surprises.
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