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Batman’s Most Infamous Foes: The Top 5

Batman might be one of the most popular comic book characters in the world, but it appears he shares the limelight with his villains. Some would even go as far as to say that Batman’s nemeses are the best in the whole comic book industry. But which one really does top the charts? In celebration of the latest film, Batman, which was released in early March, we take a look at some of the best Batman villains and put them into order with the worst first – or should that be the best?


Many would agree that The Joker is the best baddie out there. It’s not just because of a long-standing reputation either. He might first have debuted in 1940, in the first-ever Batman show, but since then the Joker has managed to outdo the Dark Knight every time their paths have crossed. Often described as the most complex character in the DC Universe, he even got his own film in 2019.

However, there is still some discussion about why exactly he is the way he is – with some saying it was a result of a chemical accident that turned him mad. Despite his origins, this infographic confirms he deserves the no. 1 spot of the most dastardly adversary, by highlighting his skills in disguise, escapology and expert chemistry. And considering his cult status, many fans are inclined to agree.

Source: Pixabay


Having first made an appearance in 1993, Bane literally came out of nowhere in the Knightfall saga. Boasting huge muscles, exceptional intelligence and the fact that he’s ‘broken the Bat’, many perceive him as one of the most dangerous opponents to Batman. He’s also been in control of Gotham City more than once, which is another reason that he tops the chart of the best Batman villains


This villain first came onto the scene in 1948 and has remained one of Batman’s biggest villains since then. Obsessed with puzzles and riddles – hence the name – he’s proven that his intelligence and mastermind plans keep getting more dangerous and sophisticated by the years. To this day, few really know who’s under the purple mask either. 


With a tragic background involving an accident in a lab while he was working on a cure for his partner’s terminal illness, Mr Freeze has been a firm favourite since he first appeared in 1959. While you might be fooled into feeling sorry for him, he’s very dangerous, highly unpredictable and evil through and through. He’s a villain that we hate to love and we never know exactly what his next move is going to be.


The only female on our list, Poison Ivy is not afraid to use her feminine charm to get what she wants. She easily manipulates the rest of the Batman cast and always knows exactly what her end goal is. Described as someone between earth mother and eco-terrorist, there really is no knowing what she’s up to which is why she’s so dangerous. Her overall aim is to protect nature and the world around her, which many would hail her for, but the way she goes about it is terrifying.

One thing’s for sure, the Batman series is packed with some of the industry’s biggest, baddest and best-loved villains. Plus, whether you’re fans or not, you can’t deny that the creation of these personas is nothing short of impressive. 

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