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Thaddeus Buttrey

Though I’m currently residing in Edinburgh, UK, I grew up at the end of a dirt road in a small town in Vermont, USA. Considering my nearest friend was a few miles away, I often had to make my own fun, frequently resorting to film and music. These interests eventually manifested into my current passions for writing OK genre fiction, writing dope heavy metal music, and even critiquing a film or two now and then. I have watched every Batman movie ever made, including the direct-to-video animated ones.

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The Grey Fox: A Nuanced Character Study of the Turn-of-the-Century Outlaw (Review)

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The Invisible Man: a masterclass in sci-fi/horror, dread and social commentary (Review)

The Invisible Man creates a harrowing experience that is truly horrifying beyond just being a…

1917 (Film Review): A Fresh Interpretation Of The War Genre

1917 is a visual triumph while delivering a fresh perspective on the resilience of the human spirit against the horrors of trench warfare.

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