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Leah Gallo: The Art of Being a Still Photographer (for Tim Burton) – Interview

Author, photographer and long-standing Burton collaborator Leah Gallo tells us about her experience working with the visionary director for over ten years, shares her favourite moments from the set and talks about the creative process that led to her latest project, The Art and Making of Dumbo.

Virtual Reality VR Gloomy Eyes Eclipse Horrifically Real Virtuality
Virtual Reality: our favourite experiences at Sundance and Venice

From “horrific comedies” with live actors to cute animation and Burtonesque installations, from trips to the…

The Bill Murray Stories (Review): Bill Murray Teaches us How to Live

Bill Murray “teaches us all how to live” in Tommy Avallone’s inspirational and enjoyable documentary about the most bizarre, unbelievable stories involving the Ghostbusters actor.

After the Wedding: Williams and Moore Excel in Moving Drama (Review)

Bart Freundlich’s After The Wedding is a deeply moving story about acceptance and identity with more than one twist and extraordinary performances from Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore.

Blinded by the Light is the Springsteen feel-good drama we needed (Review)

Gurinder Chadhra’s heart-warming comedy drama about a British teen who discovers Bruce Springsteen’s music and finds…

The Dress Up Gang: Interview with the comedy trio who turned hilarious hit web series into a show (Sundance Film Festival)

We interviewed Robb Boardman, Cory Loykasek and Donny Divanian, the comedy trio behind The Dress…

I Am Mother: Sputore’s clever sci-fi thriller is exquisitely unsettling (Sundance Film Festival)

Grant Sputore’s perfectly engineered sci-fi tale of a robot who raises the first of a…

The White Crow (Review): Fiennes’ Nureyev Inspires & Captivates

The White Crow is Ralph Fiennes’ portrayal of Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev and his 1961 defection to Paris, and a story of discovery and freedom that centers around an exquisitely complex man.

“Making the film is absolutely secondary to experiencing it”: Roberto Minervini on What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire? (Interview)

In our interview at the London Film Festival, What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire? director Roberto Minervini talked to us about identity, freedom and his “brutally honest” way of establishing trust in relationships.

Assassination Nation (Review): “A Movie for Absolutely Right Now”

Assassination Nation is Sam Levinson’s modern-day take on the Salem Witch Trials, and a “movie for absolutely right now” that you won’t be able to forget.