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Jack Walters

Modern Languages and International Film student with too much time on his hands and too many films in his watchlist. Shameless fan of summer blockbusters and an unapologetic completionist when it comes to movies – most commonly found buying snacks for my next trip to the cinema.

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White Noise (Raindance Review): Into The Eye of the Alt-Right Storm

White Noise is ironically a little too quiet on its stance on the political issues it raises, but it’s an effective examination of extremist values nonetheless.

Youth V Gov (Raindance Review): Taking the Climate Crisis to Court

Youth V Gov is both a stirring examination of the effects that climate change has had on our society, and an arresting accusation towards those responsible.

All Wes Anderson’s Films, Ranked

Wes Anderson’s films have become a staple of pop culture over the years, and we’ve ranked each of them from worst to best!

Free Solo (Review): The Man Behind The Mountaineer

Free Solo showcases the thrilling ascent of the notorious El Capitan, whilst offering an insightful exploration of the man brave enough to accept the challenge.

Raw (Film Review): A Deliciously Disturbing Social Horror

Raw capitalises on the darkest, most subdued aspects of humanity and forges a confoundingly relatable tale of teenage rebellion and conformity.

The Guilty (Review): ‘Broken People Fix Broken People’

The Guilty is an expertly crafted, endlessly exciting confined thriller that offers plenty of interesting insight into the way our words affect those around us.

James Wan ’s Horror Movies, Ranked

James Wan is one of the pioneers of modern horror, and we’ve ranked each of his movies from worst to best!

Kate: Style Over Substance in New Netflix Thriller (Review)

Kate is a vibrant and ambitious take on the action genre, but ultimately feels like a more tiresome version of what we’ve seen many times before.

Worth: Rebuilding a Flawed Legal Landscape (Review)

Worth certainly isn’t an easy watch, but its precisely crafted screenplay asks the audience crucial questions regarding life, loss and the value of humanity.

Wild Indian (Review): Inside The Tortured Mind of the Abused

Wild Indian paints a bleak portrait of abuse and trauma through its story of a desperate killer under attack.