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Farewell Amor: “So We Danced” (LFF Review)

Farewell Amor is an understated, beautifully executed illustration of an all too common, yet underrepresented, experience – a family desperate to find their feet, in a world that has moved on without them.

The Secret Garden: Gunfire and Birdsong (Review)

The secret Garden is a magical mirage of brilliant colour pinned against the backdrop of darkness and loss that illustrates the beautiful escapism of a child’s imagination.

Unbelievable: Seriously uncomfortable, and rightly so (Review)

Unbelievable is a heart-breaking illustration of how society has failed those it claims to protect. The Netflix series serves as a desperate plea to do better.

Miss Juneteenth: “Looks Ain’t Enough to Survive” (Review)

Miss Juneteenth is both an intimate illustration of a mother’s love and a much-needed education on the struggles facing the working-class black community in the modern US.

Don’t F**K With Cats: There’s No Such Thing as a Fair Trial Online (Review)

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a well-crafted blend of insightful investigation and Horror film suspense. Your next true crime fix will leave you reeling.

Saint Frances: “You Can Have Faith in People Too” (Review)

Saint Frances is self-assured, unapologetic and, frankly, hilarious. A welcome reminder that, whoever you are,…

Fanny Lye Deliver’d: Kind of Clever, but Ultimately a Bit Weird (Review)

Fanny Lye Deliver’d is most definitely a slow burner, unable to conform entirely to either…

On The Record: A Brave Illustration of the Black Woman’s Burden (Review)

On The Record could not be more important. This hard-hitting documentary is a call to…

After Life: a Masterful Illustration of Grief and Humanity (Review)

After Life is the antidote we didn’t know we needed: your next Netflix binge might…