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Hector A. Gonzalez

I’m a Puerto Rican freelance writer and film critic and a member of OFTA, PIFC, and GFCA. I got raised watching horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Carrie, Alien, amongst others, and ever since then, I have been in love with the genre (hence David Cronenberg being one of my favorite directors, and Julia Ducournau’s Raw is my favorite film of all time).”

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R.M.N. (Film Review): Hatred Deteriorates the Mind

With R.M.N., Cristian Mungiu presents the harsh reality of European xenophobia through a gloomy atmosphere, excellent performances, and a staggering seventeen-minute-long scene.

De Humani Corporis Fabrica (TIFF Review): The Unflinching Wonders of Our Bodies

Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel’s De Humani Corporis Fabrica unflinchingly captures the inner workings of the human body through mesmerizing and provocative images.

Pacifiction (Film Review): Political Paranoia & the Inevitability of Evil

Albert Serra’s latest feature, Pacifiction, mesmerizingly blends thriller genre tropes with surrealism to put the audience into a dread-induced hypnotic trance.

Return to Seoul: Film Review

Davy Chou’s Return to Seoul is honest, delicate, and complex, painting a portrait of contradictory emotions and fragmented family ties amidst adoptive abandonment.

Funny Pages: Film Review

The grittiness of Sean Price Williams’ cinematography and atmosphere carries Owen Kline’s Funny Pages, but the rest falters – a coming-of-age feature lacking focus, coherence, and laughter. 

Beast (2022) Film Review

Beast relies on B-movie aesthetics and Elba’s acting chops to survive, but Kormákur’s vision lacks inspiration, leaving this animal-horror thriller left for dead.

Orphan: First Kill – Film Review

Orphan: First Kill isn’t as gripping as the original film, but its self-aware tone helps make this prequel better than one might expect.

When I Consume You (Review): The Craving of Our Inner Demons

When I Consume You may deal with interesting concepts on paper, like addiction, loss, and guilt, but its presentation has plenty of faults.

Prey (Film Review): Breathing New Life Into a Dead Franchise

Prey is the best instalment in the Predator franchise; Dan Trachtenberg breathes new life into the franchise by crafting a simple yet fierce and cutthroat action thriller.

One Man Dies a Million Times (Review): Growth & Decay, Love & War

One Man Dies a Million Times has a Tarkovskian touch and sensibility. Although it lacks the master’s effectiveness and trance, the film is a rewarding watch.