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The God Committee: Stage-to-Screen Transplant Lives and Breathes (Review)

While it occasionally leans too far into hospital melodrama, The God Committee has enough heart to successfully tackle its tricky subject matter.

Sing, Freetown: One Play for the Soul of a Nation (Review)

Moving, sympathetic and dazzlingly rhythmic, Sing, Freetown is that rare documentary that not only captures but stands alongside the struggles of its subjects.

Quiz: A Very British Scandal (Review)

Light and forgettable but wonderfully entertaining, Quiz throws us back into one of the most bizarre controversies of the last decade.

Johnny Mnemonic: What if Keanu Reeves were a USB Stick? (Review)

Bewildering, nonsensical, and by equal turn genius and downright idiotic, Johnny Mnemonic is a cyberpunk relic you unearth at your own risk.

Coded Bias: AI Will Not Save Us (Review)

Clear-minded and led by charismatic subjects, Coded Bias succeeds despite its shortfalls to offer a haunting takedown of AI evangelism.

Malmkrog: Death by Discourse (Review)

A treatise on the Russian Revolution told in 200 minutes of brutally taxing philosophical discussion, Malmkrog uplifts and exhausts in equal measure

When We Were Bullies: Meandering Nostalgia (Sundance Review)

When We Were Bullies may be deeply personal, but stumbles on its own insecurities before it can begin to run.

Acasa, My Home: Between the City and the Sky (Review)

Understated, honest, and unflinching, Acasa, My Home is a stunning portrayal of a family caught in a unique upheaval.

Safe Spaces: The Importance of Shutting Up (Review)

Daniel Schechter’s Safe Spaces intertwines grief, trauma, and the boundaries of offence in a surprisingly sensitive way.

Better Than the Book: 5 Good Books that Became Even Better Movies

5 of the rare adaptations that not only lived up to expectations, but managed to be even better than the book.