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Claire Fulton

Watching films ties with eating macaroni and cheese as my favourite past time. In December of 2001, my parents took me to see The Fellowship of the Ring. There, I fell in love with cinema and decided my life-long dream was to be a Hobbit. Unfortunately, I’m still working on that, as I inevitably get side tracked into watching a film I’ve already seen three times on a streaming service while the DVD gathers dust on my alphabetised shelves and forget to move to New Zealand.

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Bliss (Glück) Film Review

Henrika Kull’s debut Bliss (Glück) is an intimate – if a bit quick – encapsulation of the vulnerabilities of falling in love and accepting yourself.

Hawkeye Episode 5 Review

Episode 5 of Hawkeye adds and removes villains from the board, and delivers on the small moments that make this show so consistently enjoyable.

Sisters (Soeurs) Film Review

Yamina Benguigui’s Sisters (Soeurs) wants to tackle generational trauma and complex family dynamics, but ends up feeling a little tired and confused.

Fly Me Away (Envole-moi) Film Review

Fly Me Away (Envole-moi) is a very sincere, if very sentimental, film about connection and impacting someone’s life through the power of friendship.

The Enemy (L’Ennemi) Film Review

Stephan Streker’s The Enemy (L’ennemi) is an intriguing exploration of guilt and bias underneath the story of a politician and his dead wife.

Hawkeye Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 of Hawkeye still delivers on the character moments, the humour and the emotion, but might be raising too many questions for its remaining run time.

Hawkeye Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 of Hawkeye hits the bullseye on what works so well about the show so far: its humour, its characters and its sense of self.

A Castle for Christmas (Netflix): Film Review

Mary Lambert’s addition to the Netflix rom-com genre, A Castle for Christmas, is a fun but somewhat cheesy, cliché festive romp that goes all out with its ‘Scottishness’.

Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Hawkeye ‘s episodes 1 & 2 are simultaneously a check-up on the MCU’s resident bow-wielding super dad, and a fun introduction to the MCU’s newest archer.

My Wonderful Wanda: Film Review

Bettina Oberli’s My Wonderful Wanda aims to be a satirical comedy-drama about class, but suffers from a lack of focus and emotional impact.