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Bernard Ozarowski

My movie obsessed origin story begins with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was 4 years old and can still remember so many details of the experience, as though I were seeing it for the first time yesterday. I’m also quite certain everyone else at the screening remembers my reaction when it appears Indy perishes as the tank goes over the cliff… I grew up watching all the major Oscar nominees with my mom each year. She also instilled in me a love for kaiju and creature features. Now I’m hoping to instill the same sort of passion for the pictures in my son. A lover of all film genres, I’m currently running a multiyear streak of seeing every single Oscar nominee before the ceremony airs.

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Minari: A Beautiful Family Drama Steeped in Detail (Review)

Minari, the story of a Korean family’s move to Arkansas in the 80s, is one of 2020’s finest films and a testament to star Steven Yeun’s talent.

Undine: A Smart and Intoxicating Mythic Romance (LFF Review)

Undine is a splendid fantasy love story that deftly uses mythology as a way to analyze the very city of Berlin.

I Carry You with Me: a Deeply Moving Immigrant Love Story (Review)

I Carry You with Me blends narrative fiction and documentary aspects into the truly moving story of a gay immigrant couple.

Small Axe: Steve McQueen’s Remarkable Achievement (Review)

Small Axe, a series of films depicting the London West Indian community in the 60s-80s, is on its way to standing as the greatest anthology film series ever.

Mogul Mowgli: Riz Ahmed Excels, but the Film Stumbles (Review)

Mogul Mowgli is an interesting look at the cultural conflicts faced by a British-Pakistani rapper, held back by some screenwriting flaws.

The Glorias: 2020’s Second Best Gloria Steinem Story (Review)

The Glorias utilizes an ineffective structure which prevents the film from properly contextualizing – and celebrating – a critical historical figure.

MLK/FBI: One of the Year’s Best, Most Essential Docs (NYFF58 Review)

MLK/FBI is a stellar window into the FBI’s illegal surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr., and the society that tacitly blessed its tactics.

Lost in London: Fantastic Technical Achievement Tied to a Cliché Story (Review)

Lost in London thrives on the movie’s live broadcast gimmick, but fails to resonate as a “one crazy night” comedy or as a family drama.

Spiral: Rudimentary Social Horror With A Great Leading Turn (Review)

Spiral is a reasonably effective social horror film that focuses on how same-sex couples can be othered by their neighbors.

Pieces of a Woman: Vanessa Kirby Shines as the Film Flounders (Review)

Pieces of a Woman is a disappointing drama that runs out of quality storytelling material only about a quarter of the way into the film’s run time.