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Arthur Goyaz

Business graduate (ew), now studying Film in Brazil, the land of delayed releases. Huge fan of body horror and underground masterpieces, but I also have time for classics. I often wonder if I’ll someday have a different answer for the “what’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?” question because it’s been Paris, Texas since 2014. Three quick facts: I have my earphones on 24/7, I can only watch movies if they have subtitles on and I never really finish anyth

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Living Bad (Viver Mal): Rio Film Review

Living Bad switches perspectives by taking the background characters of its sister film Bad Living and introducing them as the main characters.

Bad Living (Mal Viver) Rio Film Review

Bad Living is a bleak family portrait framed in loneliness and despair, where a family of women find themselves in complete isolation yet constantly drawn to each other’s misery in the vast hotel they run.

Calvaire: Movie Review

Calvaire is so beautifully shot that it is difficult to look away even in its most horrific scenes, but the movie could’ve used more emotion in its storytelling.

Padre Pio (2023) Film Review

Abel Ferrara’s Padre Pio compensates for its underwhelming character study with politically charged storylines.

The Menu (Film Review): Clever Satire with Insipid Horror Elements

The Menu is an entertaining horror satire with a marvelous ensemble cast but fails to deliver a slightly interesting punch line.

Three Thousand Years of Longing: Film Review

Three Thousand Years Of Longing offers a visually appealing mosaic of fantasy tales and quickly gets comfortable in its absurdity.

Good Madam: Film Review)

Good Madam ’s disorienting narrative works way better when it’s grounded in reality, keeping weird horror elements in the background.

Clara Sola: Film Review

Clara Sola knows how to blend its grounded mysticism into a story filled with magical realism, but the movie often goes off the rails when it dismisses its heart-rending sensorial appeal.

Twin Peaks: The Return and What It Means To Be A TV Show Nowadays

In times where TV status is losing its meaning, Twin Peaks: The Return still represents a challenging rupture in conventional storytelling.

Dark Glasses (Review): A Giallo Haunted By Its Own Narrative Choices

There’s a stylish film lost somewhere within Dark Glasses, the return of Dario Argento to directing after 10 years, but the inconsistent narrative choices often get in the way.