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9 Unforgettable Enneagram Movie Characters

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Have you ever watched a film and thought a character’s personality reflected someone who knew? Have you ever grown so attached to the fictional hero of a film just because of how similar to you they felt? When it comes to creating a character and giving them a personality, there is a whole process that screenwriters often go through. What drives that character? What do they fear? What is their history? How do they think? These are only some of the questions that writers ask themselves, and when it comes to understanding their motivations and personalities, the Enneagram Test can be a powerful tool.

We made a list of nine unforgettable movie characters that each represent an Enneagram type, from Perfectionist to Helper to Peacemaker and many more! Find them all below, in order of character type!

Type 1: The Reformer

Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Robert Pattinson as The Batman
ROBERT PATTINSON as Batman – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “THE BATMAN,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. (© 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Bruce Wayne, the hidden identity of Batman, is the epitome of Enneagram Type 1, the “Reformer”. People with this character trait usually tend to have a strong moral compass that drives their every action, and that is certainly true for the beloved anti-hero. Batman (played by Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ 2021 film The Batman) is an interesting superhero, as he is not inherently good. Even if so many versions of the character exist – think of how different Reeves’ Batman is from the protagonists of Tim Burton’s 1989 film and Christopher Nolan’s in The Dark Knight trilogy – what they all have in common is that they all became the caped crusader after witnessing the death of their parents.

Batman is partly driven by revenge, but, unlike the villains he faces, he never lets his desires take control. That is why, despite not being the archetype of a virtuous superhero, he is certainly a morally good one. Furthermore, “Reformers” are usually loyal and trustworthy, and watching Bruce Wayne interact with his butler/father figure Alfred (Andy Serkis) and the people he cares about proves that too.  

Type 2: The Helper

Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Josh Hutcherson looks to his right while wearing training gear as Peeta Mellark in the film Catching Fire
Josh Hutcherson is Peeta Mellark – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in the film Catching Fire (Lionsgate)

Kindness and selflessness radiate from Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), making him a classic Type 2. Helpers are empathetic and sincere characters who put others before them, and who are driven completely by love – which is why being unloved is also their biggest fear. This description perfectly fits Peeta, the kindest character in the The Hunger Games series, adapted from Suzanne Collins’ bestselling book series. The original Hunger Games trilogy is set in a future where the Nation is divided between various districts, and in order to prevent future conflict, each year a televised competition takes place where two people from each district have to enter an arena and fight each other to death, until only one “tribute” remains.

Peeta is one of the tributes from District 12, the poorest district, and he enters the Games with fellow tribute Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who volunteers to save her sister. Over the course of three movies, the series explores the evils committed by powerful people and shows us just how much of an impact humans can have when they come together to achieve a common goal. Peeta embodies many of the film’s best ideals, as he is often manipulated – and at one point literally brainwashed – by the main antagonist, President Snow (Donald Sutherland), and yet he eventually always remembers whose side he’s on, brought back by his love for Katniss that remains even if she doesn’t reciprocate it.

Type 3: The Achiever

Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

Meryl Streep sits behind her desk as Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada
Meryl Streep is Miranda Priestley – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in The Devil Wears Prada (20th Century)

Have you ever wanted to sit behind your desk, look at your co-workers with an air of superiority, and channel your inner Miranda Priestley (Meryl Streep) as you told them, “That’s all.”? If you have, you’re not alone. It can be rewarding to have reached the peak of your success, and achievers value focus and recognition above all else. They are driven by a strong need to be productive and avoid failure, which is why they are often managers and successful people.

Miranda Priestley is a bit of a special “achiever,” as unlike most people with this personality type, she isn’t well-liked by the people around her. On the contrary, the extremely demanding Editor-in-Chief of fashion magazine Runway might be appreciated for her knowledge of fashion (so much so that many believe Miranda to be inspired by Vogue EiC Anna Wintour), but most of her employees dislike her for her attitude. But The Devil Wears Prada mainly revolves around her meeting with recent graduate Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway), who knows nothing about fashion but who eventually manages to get Miranda’s softer side to show.

Type 4: The Individualist

Rachel Green (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Jennifer Aniston wears a white jumper as Rachel Green in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Jennifer Aniston is Rachel Green – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Nbc)

Though F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is a TV show and not a movie, we simply had to include Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) on this list as she is such a great example of the Individualist. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. revolves around the lives of the six titular friends, who live in New York City’s Manhattan and each have their own quirks. Though the series hasn’t aged exceptionally well, especially when it comes to its lack of diversity and many offensive jokes, but many of us grew up watching it and are still very attached to its protagonists.

But what is it that makes Rachel such a universally beloved character? It probably has to do with her embodying the “Individualist,” a character trait that defines people who are creative, extroverted, and sensitive. Though these people can also be a little insecure and not handle criticism well – something that Rachel definitely struggles with! – they also come across as genuine and authentic, and that’s what makes them feel so human.

Type 5: The Investigator

Professor Snape (Harry Potter series)

Alan Rickman has a hand on his neck and an intense stare as Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter
Alan Rickman is Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter (Warner Bros. Pictures)

If you’ve changed your mind several times about the infamous Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) as you were reading and watching Harry Potter, you’re not alone. The saga, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s bestselling books, revolves around a young boy who one day finds out he’s a wizard and starts attending a school for people like him, but soon finds out that he’s meant for much bigger things. And Severus Snape, one of the teachers, is one of the most secretive characters in the movies, which is why we only find out his true colors at the very end.

This might have to do with the fact that he’s an “Investigator” – someone who has intellectual depth and an analytical approach to problems. Investigators excel at analyzing things with rationality, without letting emotions come in the way, and they value knowledge above all else. They are great problem solvers, and they are also very trustworthy, though they don’t always like to be around people. These are all traits that reflect Professor Snape, whose inner struggle between detachment and engagement defines his relationship with Harry.

Type 6: The Loyalist

Charlotte (Sex and the City)

Kristin Davis wears a ponytail and a black jumper as Charlotte in Sex and the City
Kristin Davis is Charlotte – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in Sex and the City (HBO)

Is Charlotte (Kristin Davis) the best or the worst out of the Sex and the City characters? This is an ongoing debate, and it’s probably because she’s very different from the other characters in this beloved HBO show- The series, which then led to the 2008 movie of the same name and also a sequel in 2010, is about four friends in New York City, and Charlotte is the most restrained of them all. But at the same time, she’s also the one who surprises us the most over the course of the show and the two films.

That is probably because her life is a testament to Type 6’s dedication to security and loyalty. Her quest for stable relationships and her struggles with anxiety reflect the Loyalist’s concern with trust and the search for solid ground in both love and friendship. “Loyalists” are, just like the name suggests, incredibly loyal to their friends, and value relationships above all else. This is probably why she’s grown on so many fans of the show throughout the years.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Johnny Depp hides between leaves as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Type 7’s love for adventure, optimistic outlook on life, and desire for freedom are clearly shown in Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), who’s not only “without a doubt, the worst pirate we’ve ever seen” – to quote Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport), but also an incredibly charismatic one. This hugely popular saga begins as the tale of a blacksmith’s apprentice named Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) who falls for the Governer’s daughter, Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and teams up with Jack Sparrow to rescue her from a team of cursed pirates. But over the course of many sequels, the movies became more and more centered around our pirate, as Disney realized that he’s what drew most audiences to them.

Jack Sparrow embodies many traits of the “Enthusiast,” starting from how playful and versatile he is, as there is nothing he can’t do in the movies, from rescuing others and himself in the most inventive of ways to “commandeering” ships and even joining forces with cannibalistic tribes. He’s driven by adventure, but just like all Type 7 characters, he can be impulsive and fears having things taken from him – in his case, it’s definitely rhum.

Type 8: The Challenger

Arthur Fleck (Joker)

Joaquin Phoenix wears makeup as Joker in the Todd Phillips film
Joaquin Phoenix is Arthur Fleck – one of our 9 enneagram movie characters – in Joker (Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Joker is a very complex character, acting both as Batman’s nemesis and, at times, a reflection of his darkest urges and desires. But the difference between Batman and Joker is that the latter doesn’t have the former’s restraint, which makes him extremely unpredictable and, at the same time, so much fun to watch. We got many depictions of the Joker in cinematic history, but the one we want to focus on is Todd Phillip’s Joker, where Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular villain. The movie distinguishes itself from the others because we get an origin story that depicts Arthur Fleck as an ordinary man who grows into the Joker as a result of the corrupt city in which he lives, and the injustices he suffered because of it.

This reflects Type 8’s intensity, power, and vulnerability. The “Challenger” strives to protect themselves and others from injustice and control the situation. Though Arthur’s moral code is flawed to say the least, we can’t deny that this is what he’s trying to achieve in the film.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Amélie Poulain (Amélie)

Amelie holds a spoon in the movie Amelie
Audrey Tautou is Amélie (Miramax)

The titular protagonist of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie is a young woman who is completely enamoured with the world in which she lives, which she experiences differently due to her limitless imagination. One day, she decides to make it her goal to make other people happy, and this quest leads her to an adventure of her own, and, eventually, to finding love.

Amélie (Audrey Tautou) is the epitome of Enneagram Type 9, with her desire for harmony and deep connection to the world. Her quiet, observant nature seeks ways to improve the lives of those around her without seeking recognition, and showcases The “Peacemaker’s” idealistic and unselfish traits. And her enthusiasm and determination might even be what keeps drawing people to the film, as Amélie has many fans all over the world.

From the strong, principled Batman to the loving Amélie, the nine movie characters listed above are all great examples of different Enneagram types. Analyzing their personalities helps us explore their motivations and inner fears, offering insights into both their fictional journeys and the broader human experience. Happy watching!

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