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5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu

Two girls dance at prom in the Hulu film Prom Dates

Teen movies are more than just entertainment; they’re a cultural touchstone that resonates with audiences of all ages. Capturing the highs and lows of adolescence, these films offer a window into the universal experience of growing up, which makes them the perfect watch for both young people who are going through those very same experiences right now and adults wishing to relive that time of their lives.  

Hulu, known for its eclectic mix of content, hosts a variety of these quintessential teen narratives. From timeless classics to hidden gems, the streaming platform provides a perfect escape into the world of high school dramas and comedies, offering both new releases and all-time classics. We made a list of 5 five teen movies to watch on Hulu, from 1980s gems to popular 2024 movies that will make you nostalgic in all the best ways. Find them all below in alphabetical order!

1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

John Hughes

The Breakfast Club, one of the 5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu
5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu – The Breakfast Club (Universal Pictures)

John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club is an emblematic teen movie that has stood the test of time, becoming a staple in the genre. Set in the confined environment of a high school library, the film brings together five students from vastly different social circles: the brain (Anthony Michael Hall’s Brian), the athlete (Emilio Estevez’s Andrew), the basket case (Ally Sheedy’s Allison), the princess (Molly Ringwald’s Claire), and the criminal (Judd Nelson’s John). Over the course of a Saturday detention, these characters share their stories and uncover that they have more in common than they initially thought. This movie deftly explores themes of identity, social pressure, and the urge to break free from societal labels.

For many viewers, especially students, The Breakfast Club resonates deeply as it mirrors the internal and external conflicts they face daily. ”Do I do my assignments first or do I take the best out of life and choose my own path?” The film’s dialogue-driven narrative fosters a sense of introspection about one’s own life and challenges the viewer to think beyond stereotypes.The impact of The Breakfast Club on the teen movie genre cannot be overstated. It has inspired countless other films and remains a reference point for how teen dynamics are portrayed in cinema. The film’s enduring popularity ensures that it continues to influence generations of filmmakers and audiences alike.

2. The Greatest Hits (2024)

Ned Benson

The Greatest Hits Review: Soul-Stirring Odyssey – Loud and Clear
Ned Benson delivers in The Greatest Hits, an enrapturing exploration of grief through music with a career-defining turn from Lucy Boynton.

The Greatest Hits offers a poignant exploration of love and loss through the eyes of a young girl (Lucy Boynton’s Harriet) grappling with the death of her boyfriend (David Corenswet’s Max). The film navigates the complex journey of grief as she discovers a series of hidden messages and videos left by her late partner. Every song Harriet listens to takes her back to her favorite moments shared with Max and, eventually, leads her on a path of healing and self-discovery.

The movie delves deeply into the process of mourning and the search for meaning after a tragic loss. As the protagonist encounters each song, she reconnects with cherished memories, which help her come to terms with her boyfriend’s death and begin to envision a future without him. This narrative not only offers a unique take on dealing with grief but also celebrates the enduring impact of love and the resilience of the human spirit, as well as how emotionally powerful music can be.

The Greatest Hits stands out for its heartfelt storytelling and the emotional depth of its characters. The film’s sensitive portrayal of a teenager facing life’s harsh realities, combined with a compelling soundtrack, makes it a touching and memorable addition to Hulu’s collection of teen movies.

3. Prom Dates (2024)

Kim O. Nguyen

Two characters in the Hulu film Prom Dates, one of the 5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu
5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu – Prom Dates (Hulu)

Prom Dates is a coming-of-age romantic comedy that captures the quintessential high school milestone: prom night. The film focuses on two protagonists, Hannah (Julia Lester) and Jess (Antonia Gentry), who face a crisis just one day before their prom—they both break up with their dates. With a childhood pact to have the best prom ever hanging in the balance, the two friends scramble to find new dates and fulfill their long-standing promise.

The film cleverly uses prom night—an event often loaded with expectations and drama—as a backdrop to explore themes of friendship, dreams, and the pressures of high school social life. Despite the traditional setting, Prom Dates distinguishes itself by diving into the less glamorous, more awkward aspects of being a teenager. The movie doesn’t shy away from the complexities of adolescent relationships and captures the genuine excitement and disappointment that can come with such a pivotal event.

4. Rushmore (1998)

Wes Anderson

Rushmore, one of the 5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu
5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu – Rushmore (Touchstone Pictures)

Rushmore is a standout film directed by Wes Anderson, featuring the ambitious and eccentric Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), a scholarship student at the prestigious Rushmore Academy. Unlike typical teen movies that focus on romance and popularity, Rushmore delves into the complexities of a young man who channels his energies into extracurricular activities rather than academics. Max’s elaborate plans and ventures are both amusing and poignant, showcasing his struggle to find his place both within the school and in the broader world.

The themes of ambition and unrequited love are central to the film, as Max falls for a young teacher, Miss Cross (Olivia Williams), while engaging in a bitter rivalry with a wealthy industrialist. The quirky, fast-paced narrative and distinctive visual style set Rushmore apart from other films in the genre. It’s a story about growing up and facing reality, wrapped in Anderson’s unique blend of humor and melancholy. The film’s critical acclaim and cult following underscore its impact, marking it as a pivotal work in the teen and indie cinema landscapes.

5. So Undercover (2012)

Tom Vaughan

5 Teen Movies to Watch on Hulu – So Undercover (RottenTomatoes Trailers)

So Undercover is a lighter, more comedic entry on this list, starring Miley Cyrus as Molly, a tough, young private investigator who goes undercover in a college sorority to protect a mobster’s daughter. This film blends elements of action, comedy, and mystery, offering a fun and engaging take on the undercover genre. Molly’s attempts to fit into the sorority world while juggling her investigation duties lead to humorous and sometimes thrilling situations.

The film explores themes of identity and duty as Molly adapts to her new undercover role and reassesses her preconceptions about friendship and loyalty. Despite its somewhat predictable plot, So Undercover is entertaining and delivers a mix of laughs and excitement. Its portrayal of sorority life and college dynamics, though exaggerated, adds a vibrant backdrop to the unfolding mystery, making it a perfect pick for a light-hearted movie night.

Teen movies serve as a mirror to the emotional and social challenges of adolescence, capturing the essence of youth and the transition into adulthood. The films highlighted in this article, all available on Hulu, offer a spectrum of perspectives on teenage life, from the introspective and iconic The Breakfast Club to the humorous escapades in So Undercover. So next time you’re looking for something to watch, consider diving into one of these captivating films that beautifully blend the drama and delight of teenage years.

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