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For All Mankind Season 4 Review

For All Mankind Season 4 is the best season yet, featuring spicy new characters, increasing political tensions, and a race to capture the most profitable asteroid Earth has ever seen.

It’s a Wonderful Knife: Film Review

It’s a Wonderful Knife is a campy Christmas-themed horror slasher that embraces its lighthearted approach while offering abundant entertainment.

The Stones and Brian Jones: Film Review

The Stones and Brian Jones is a reverent, objective, and above all, intimate documentary. It tells the story of the heart and spirit of The Rolling Stones.

One True Loves (2023): Film Review

As a film about grief, love, and second chances, One True Loves does not entirely deliver on its fascinating premise and leaves the audience wanting more.

Kane: Film Review

Kane works as an exploration of the blurred lines between loyalty and identity, but it ultimately falls short of being a psychologically tense thriller full of action, suspense, and twists.