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Phia Saban

Born on September 19, 1998 in in Hackney, London, Phia Saban is a British actress who is mainly known for her roles in The Last Kingdom (2015) and House of the Dragon (2022). She went to school at Guildhall University of Tunes and Drama, London, where she took part in various theatre productions. Her film and TV career began in 2022 with The Last Kingdom, where she played Aelfwynn.

But real fame came for Phia Saban with House of the Dragon, where she plays Helaena Targaryen. She captivated audiences going from a soft-spoken young girl to a much more complex character. Not only does she have actual visions of the future, but she is also a very fascinating character. Saban really delivered in a scene in episode 7 of House of the Dragon that makes us anticipate season 2 even more.

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