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Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine shuts down after 50 years

Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine shuts down after 50 years

The announcement has been made today: Andy Warhol’s iconic magazine is going to shut down due to financial difficulties. Here are our favourite Interview Magazine covers to remember its nearly 50 years of success.

Interview Magazine was a pioneer in pop culture. Founded by Mr Andy Warhol himself in 1969 and then acquired by wealthy collector Peter Brant, the “Crystal Ball of Pop” started out as an entertainment and film journal in 1969 and then turned into one of the most popular and successful sources of glamorous photos and fresh content, delivered in the unique format of Q&As.

Covers of Interview Magazine (Gettyimages)

Fashion, art, photography, entertainment, music, style: the magazine mixed it all together and showed us what pop culture was really all about. It attracted all sorts of personalities: everyone wanted to either be in the magazine or be a part of its making. And so it all happened: the best photographers came along – Bill King, Herb Ritts, Michel Haddi, Richard Burbridge, to name a few – celebrities came in to interview other celebrities, Andy Warhol himself made the final adjustments. The results were covers that would make history and celebrities interviewing other celebrities with a raw and intimate approach that many magazines would try to replicate in the future.

May 1990 Interview Magazine cover, featuring David Bowie (Herb Ritts)

Interview Magazine’s employees revealed the sad news today: the magazine will be closing down due to financial difficulties. The past few months certainly haven’t been easy for the magazine: there have been lawsuits, resignations and struggles between its management and staff. Speculations have been made and statements have been given, but we would like to concentrate on the magazine’s past and celebrate its nearly 50 years of success.

 Andy Warhol, 1976 (Photo: AP/Richard Drew)

 Here are our favourite covers of Interview Magazine.


January 1973: Bianca Jagger (Francesco Scavullo)
October 1975: Liza Minnelli (Bill King)

THE 1980s

September 1981: Andy Warhol posing with the September 1981 issue (photo by Steve Wood, shared by on Deana Haggag on Twitter earlier this week)
November 1983: Olivia Newton-John (Herb Ritts)
December 1985: Madonna (Richard Bernstein)

THE 1990s

 June 1990: Madonna (Herb Ritts)
 June 1994: Leonardo DiCaprio (Bruce Weber)
November 1994: Tom Cruise (Herb Ritts)
April 1996: “Andy Mania”
 January 1998: Elton John (David LaChapelle)


May 2009: Florence Welch (Jacob Sutton)
April 2011: Michelle Williams (Mikael Jansson)
November 2017: Benedict Cumberbatch (Mikael Jansson)

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