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Great K-Dramas About High School Life

Looking for a new series to watch? Check out one of these great K-Dramas about high school life! These shows depict the highs and lows of adolescence in a relatable and powerful way, and they are sure to entertain and inspire you. So grab some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and enjoy!

About K-Dramas

K-dramas are television series from South Korea, made in the Korean language and belonging to a multitude of genres. They have always been a favorite amongst Asian audiences, but have become increasingly popular worldwide throughout the years, that that is because, as well as being available on various streaming platforms, they offer a unique blend of action, comedy, drama, and romance. And, though k-dramas vary in content and genre, they always tend to focus on emotional aspects and themes like family, friendship and love. They can provide lighthearted fun, but also thought-provoking insight on topics such as the impact of technology on society or the difficulties of maintaining traditional values in a modern world.

Korean entertainment is often lauded for their artistic value, and, as well as k-dramas, k-pop is a huge part of that too. By browsing various kpop essay topics to write about and watching Korean movies, you can gain valuable insight into Korean culture, values, and way of living. Below are 5 great K-dramas about high school life that are sure to keep you entertained and initiate you to the genre, and that will appeal to a wide range of viewers.

1. True Beauty (2020-2021)

loud and clear reviews Great K-Dramas About High School Life
True Beauty (tvN)

Based on the Line webtoon of the same name, True Beauty is a highly popular k-drama about a high school girl named Lim Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young) who is insecure about her appearance, having been bullied by her friends and looked down upon by her family for her entire life, as they all perceived her to be ugly. And so, to make herself feel better, she turns to makeup. Her efforts are successful as, after binge-watching tutorials and learning the craft right before transferring to a new school, she suddenly becomes so popular that her friends begin calling her “goddess”. But true beauty comes from within, and Lim still considers herself ugly, even more so when her handsome classmate Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) recognizes her from before her makeover. And so, an unlikely friendship is forged, and many secrets will come to the surface and plans will be made over the course of True Beauty’s 16 episodes. The show has been praised for its relatable characters and its positive messages about self-acceptance, and it’s clearly a must-watch for fans of k-dramas.

2. Extra-ordinary You (2019)

loud and clear reviews Great K-Dramas About High School Life
Extra-Ordinary You (Netflix)

Based on webtoon “July Found By Chance,” 2019 series Extra-ordinary You is a coming-of-age story with a unique twist. The main character, Eun Dan-O (Kim Hye-yoon), is a high school student who discovers that she is actually a comic book character living in a fantasy world. As she comes to terms with this reality, she also begins to realize that her fate has been predetermined by the author of the comic, and this leads her on a quest to change the story and take control of her own destiny.

Along the way, she meets other characters who are also aware of their fictional nature, and together they set out to break free from the confines of the comic book world. Extra-ordinary You is a visually stunning and heartwarming k-drama that celebrates the power of storytelling and the importance of finding your own voice.

3. Color Rush (2020-2022)

color rush k-drama
Color Rush (Storywiz)

If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted romantic comedy, then you’ll want to check out Color Rush. Based on the web novel of the same name by Se Sang, this mystery romance web series follows a young man named Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun) who suffers from a neurological blindness that limits his ability to see color: the world looks very different to him, as he is only able to see in shades of gray. One day, he meets a boy named Yoo Han (Hur Hyun Jun) and his life immediately acquires more color, as he is overwhelmed by his feelings towards him. Color Rush is a charming story of queer love that celebrates the beauty of colors, the power of love, and the importance of self-acceptance.

4. Sky Castle (2018-2019)

loud and clear reviews Great K-Dramas About High School Life sky castle women
Sky Castle (Netflix)

The multi-award winning Sky Castle took South Korea by storm when it first aired on JTBC, and that is due to its unique blend of dark comedy and social commentary on aspects of Korean society that are rarely discussed in television. The series revolves around the lives of four wealthy families who live in the SKY Castle neighborhood, an exclusive residential area for the upper class. The show focuses in particular on the four women in these families – Han Seo-Jin (Yum Jung-Ah), Lee Soo-Im (Lee Tae-Ran), No Seung-Hye (Yoon Se-Ah), and Jin Jin-Hee (Oh Na-Ra), who are all determined to ensure that their children get into the best schools so that they can have successful careers. One of the most popular Korean dramas of all time, Sky Castle uses satire to give an in-depth look at the lives of the Korean upper-class, showing us just how materialistic and ruthless they can be to gain success.

5. Who Are You: School 2015 (2015)

loud and clear reviews Great K-Dramas About High School Life who are you 2015
Who Are You: School 2015 (KBS2)

KBS2’s School is a a South Korean anthology series that initially aired for four years in 1999-2002, and then returned for three more series in 2013, 2015 and 2017. The series focuses on the struggles that students face in high school, varying from their failure to keep their grades up to more serious topics like bullying, teen suicide, corporal punishment and more. Who Are You in particular is worth watching for its compelling plot, its believable cast, and the themes it tackles.

The series follows the lives of two high school student, Ko Eun-byeol and Lee Eun-bi (both played by Kim So-hyun) who are identical twins and lead completely different lives, having been separated from one another at an early age. When we meet them, they are teenagers, one an orphan who is being bullied by mean girls and the other a popular student at the most prestigious school in the country. But only one girl is aware of the other’s existence, and when Eun-bi transfers to a new school hoping for a fresh start and quickly realizes that her doppelganger is already enrolled there, a dark secret comes to the surface. Who Are You: School 2015 is a compelling k-drama that explores the lives of these two girls and the secrets they keep, and it is sure to leave viewers thinking about the meaning of identity and self-acceptance.

If you’re looking for great k-dramas about high school life, then look no further than True Beauty, Extra-ordinary You, Color Rush, Sky Castle, and Who Are You: School 2015. These series are all beautifully crafted coming-of-age stories that tackle relatable themes like identity, self-acceptance, storytelling, and love!

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