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William Stottor

For many years my phone alarm was set to the opening theme of Taxi Driver, which is unsurprisingly a very dramatic and rather dark way to wake up. It was just one way for me to experience the wonderful world of film and more specifically scores and soundtracks, a passion that was ignited when I was just a teenager seeing Danny Boyle’s Sunshine in the cinema for the first time. Watching films is a huge part of my life and I am in a constant battle with my ever-growing watchlist.

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Sick of Myself (Film Review): A Squirm-Inducing Wonder

Kristine Kujath Thorp lights up the screen as a self-destructive young woman in Sick of Myself, Kristoffer Borgli’s complex and incendiary black comedy.

Juniper (Film Review): A Poignant Battle of the Ages

Two stubborn mules – one young, one older – shift from confrontation to affection in the predictable but moving Juniper.

In Front of Your Face (Review): A Deceptively Simple Drama

Prolific director Hong Sang-soo is on fine form again with In Front of Your Face, as he channels the beauty of life’s simplicities into his well-drawn characters.

Peter Von Kant (Film Review): The Dark Side of Love

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant is reimagined and gender-flipped in Peter Von Kant, François Ozon’s engaging but strangely flimsy chamber piece.

Private Desert (Review): Examining Queerness and Masculinity

Aly Muritiba’s Private Desert is not just an intimate, erotic story of queer love; it’s a timely, urgent film of incredible importance to both Brazilian and international societies.

Mr Malcolm’s List (Review): Sharp, Hilarious Period Comedy

Mr Malcolm’s List might be drenched in predictability, but its diverse cast, sweet romance and comedic zing give this Jane Austen-style story a much-needed edge.

Luzzu (Film Review): Tradition Versus Modernisation

A traditional fisherman’s trade in Malta is threatened by commercialism and trawlers in Luzzu, Alex Camilleri’s perfectly constructed neorealist drama.

Where Is Anne Frank (Film Review): Magical Retelling of History

Ari Folman’s well-meaning Where Is Anne Frank will work as an educational tool for children but struggles to feel complete or effective as a feature film.

El Gran Movimiento (Review): A City in Flux

Kiro Russo captures a tormented, changing La Paz in his latest film, El Gran Movimiento, with Antonioni-esque style and mesmerising results.

Medusa (Film Review): Modernised Mythology in Brazil

Religious fanaticism and oppressive masculinity hang heavy over Anita Rocha da Silveira’s visually resplendent and…