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William Stottor

For many years my phone alarm was set to the opening theme of Taxi Driver, which is unsurprisingly a very dramatic and rather dark way to wake up. It was just one way for me to experience the wonderful world of film and more specifically scores and soundtracks, a passion that was ignited when I was just a teenager seeing Danny Boyle’s Sunshine in the cinema for the first time. Watching films is a huge part of my life and I am in a constant battle with my ever-growing watchlist.

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Girls Girls Girls (Film Review): The Thrill of Teenage Discovery

Young love flourishes in Alli Haapasalo’s charming Girls Girls Girls, a coming-of-age drama with a compelling narrative and strong emotional heft.

Murina (Glasgow Review): Chilling Parental Control

Psychological drama Murina masterfully unfolds like a nightmare, as it follows an abusive father and the control he exhibits over his wife and daughter.

Happening (Glasgow Review): The Ugliness of Law

Happening grabs you from the first minute and never lets go, taking you on a dark and real journey alongside a young woman facing an unwanted pregnancy in the 1960s.

Prayers for the Stolen (Glasgow Review): A Haunting Masterwork

Adolescence arrives amidst the backdrop of drug violence and human trafficking in Prayers for the Stolen, a disturbing and gritty drama.

Anaïs in Love (Glasgow Review): Light, Sun-Kissed Romance

Anaïs Demoustier charms as a big ball of energy in Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet’s fleeting but enjoyable Anaïs in Love.

Benediction (Glasgow Review): The Aftermath of War

Often poignant but frequently disjointed, Benediction is a scattered portrait of First World War poet Siegfried Sassoon, juggling themes of homosexuality, war and religion.

The Metamorphosis of Birds (Review): Peaceful, Sensory Reflection

Striking in its abstract form and hypnotic in its unique compositions, The Metamorphosis of Birds is a deeply personal consideration of life, death and the natural world.

Yuni (Glasgow Review): Quietly Determined Liberation

Shining a fierce light on the societal issue of arranged marriage, Yuni is an affecting, meticulously crafted drama from a director in full control of her craft.

Ali & Ava (Review): Bradford-Based Romance is a Delight

Ali & Ava might feel thematically slight, but this comforting drama warms the heart and soul with its central romantic relationship.

Cow (Review): A Strong Addition to the Farmyard Animal Canon

In her first documentary feature Cow, Andrea Arnold concocts a deeply profound and strikingly resonant film about a mother’s forced separation from her child.