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Proper Binge: Gritty but Hopeful Drama (Review)

With its black and white tone and grounded realism, Proper Binge is a rightfully uncomfortable descent into alcoholism.

Things Heard & Seen: A Ghost Story with Intelligence (Review)

Despite a lack of clear direction, Things Heard and Seen remains a complex and engaging relationship drama with impressive lead performances from Amanda Seyfried and James Norton.

The Kid Detective: A Witty, Stylish Noir Mystery (Review)

Oozing with style and delivering a top-notch mystery story, The Kid Detective is a refreshing piece of cinema with a poignant performance from Adam Brody.

Moffie: Heavy Themes in Apartheid War Romance (Review)

Analysing racism and homophobia in 1980s South Africa, Moffie is necessarily difficult viewing and on occasion surprisingly beautiful.

Rūrangi: Celebrating Trans Representation (BFI Flare Review)

One of the finest and most memorable films of the year so far, Rūrangi is a textbook guide on how to create a compelling drama.

Cowboys: An Intelligent Portrayal of Transgenderism (BFI Flare Review)

Well-intentioned and heartfelt, Cowboys ultimately takes on too many genres and tones, which leaves it feeling slightly misdirected.

Jump, Darling: Gloriously Funny, Seriously Touching (BFI Flare Review)

Simultaneously dazzling and poignant, Jump, Darling is a terrific drama with star turns from Thomas Duplessie and the late Cloris Leachman.

The Banishing: Formulaic Haunted House Horror (Review)

The Banishing offers very little new or revolutionary, but remains relatively enjoyable and features impressive performances and sumptuous production design.

Duel: You’ll Never Drive On The Road Again (Review)

Duel is one hell of a ride and Spielberg at his finest – playful, refined and above all else, entertaining.

Back to the Wharf Values Density Over Simplicity (GFF Review)

Back to the Wharf’s basic premise is intriguing and potentially powerful but it becomes cluttered with odd directorial, design and writing choices.