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William Stottor

For many years my phone alarm was set to the opening theme of Taxi Driver, which is unsurprisingly a very dramatic and rather dark way to wake up. It was just one way for me to experience the wonderful world of film and more specifically scores and soundtracks, a passion that was ignited when I was just a teenager seeing Danny Boyle’s Sunshine in the cinema for the first time. Watching films is a huge part of my life and I am in a constant battle with my ever-growing watchlist.

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How to Tell a Secret: BFI Flare Review

How to Tell a Secret gives a voice to those in Ireland living with HIV, with its urgent tone given ample reinforcement by its basis of pride and bravery.

Who I Am Not: BFI Flare Film Review

Tünde Skovrán’s debut feature Who I Am Not focuses on two people within the intersex community, telling their stories with great eloquence and care.

Kokomo City: BFI Flare Film Review

D. Smith’s rocking documentary Kokomo City spotlights the lives of Black transgender sex workers in America with an unerring frankness, indomitable energy, and flavourful wit.

Big Boys (2023): BFI Flare Film Review

The charming and amusing coming-of-age film Big Boys tells the story of one teenager’s sexual awakening on a sun-kissed camping trip.

Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom: Film Review

With its focus on the importance of education and its sincere centre, Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom elevates its predictable material into something wholly uplifting.

Ambush (Ghaath): Berlin Film Festival Review

Violence and fear are ever-present in Ambush (Ghaath), Chhatrapal Ninawe’s patiently observed portrait of the ongoing civil war in the heartland of India.

Talk to Me: Berlin Film Festival Review

The Philippou brothers conjure up a delightfully devious horror in Talk to Me, which excels when they lean into intense violence and the eeriness of the supernatural.

Music (2023): Berlin Film Festival Review

A sudden event has far-reaching consequences in Music, this challenging, uneven, and downright confusing Oedipal tragedy.

Remembering Every Night: Berlin Film Festival Review

The beautiful banality of humans is finely highlighted in Remembering Every Night, a considered portrait of people with an exquisite sense of place.

Director Tatiana Huezo on The Echo: Interview

At Berlin Film Festival, we sat down with Tatiana Huezo for an interview about The Echo, her evocative, enchanting documentary about a small Mexican village.