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Wesley Hunt

I am a published reviewer and sportswriter, but one of my main passions is writing about film. I gained this love of writing my senior year of high school when I wrote at length about Marvel’s Avengers and discussing its cultural relevance for the time. Since then, I have written many reviews on Letterboxd and the (now defunct) student newspaper at George Mason University called The Rival. My primary interests in movies include science fiction and animation.

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Seven Veils: TIFF Film Review

Seven Veils is a spellbinding, surreal view into the mind of a director, showing a chilling portrait of how far one can go for their own art.

The End We Start From: Film Review

The End We Start From shows how not even the end of the world is all gloom and doom; life goes on as long as we keep trying.

The Peasants (Chłopi): Film Review

The Peasants (Chłopi) builds upon Hugh and DK Welchman’s influences and is interesting if it feels a bit incomplete.

The Venture Bros. Movie (2023) Review

The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart satisfies as a finale to a great show.

Lakota Nation Vs United States: Film Review

Lakota Nation vs. United States is a narrative of a neglected part of America needing its story told, using poignant poetry and imagery to relay its message.

Black Ice (2023): Film Review

Black Ice is a revelatory if unsurprising look at the problematic racial culture of hockey, providing both historical insight and room for improvement.

Rushmore (1998): Film Review

Rushmore is Wes Anderson’s breakthrough film, which still manages to be both funny and thoughtful to this day.

The Lost Weekend: A Love Story – Film Review

The Lost Weekend: A Love Story tells a familiar story from a fresh perspective, separating facts from the myth.

Fist of the Condor (2023): Film Review

Fist of the Condor, while not the most transgressive martial arts action movie, is able to provide a unique, original spin on the genre.

Night Raiders Review: Mother Tongue Film Festival

Night Raiders delivers on its unique setting with a clear message in spite of pacing and plot issues.