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Thaddeus Buttrey

Though I’m currently residing in Edinburgh, UK, I grew up at the end of a dirt road in a small town in Vermont, USA. Considering my nearest friend was a few miles away, I often had to make my own fun, frequently resorting to film and music. These interests eventually manifested into my current passions for writing OK genre fiction, writing dope heavy metal music, and even critiquing a film or two now and then. I have watched every Batman movie ever made, including the direct-to-video animated ones.

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Pulp Fiction: Movie Review

While it certainly is a product of its time, Pulp Fiction is arguably Tarantino’s masterpiece, cementing his significance in Hollywood.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, Netflix Film Review

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story gives you a lot to think about in terms of the ethics of porn, the treatment and humanity of sex workers, and the importance of sexual safety.

Cocaine Bear: Film Review

Cocaine Bear knows exactly what it’s trying to be, and is ultimately successful because it embraces its absurdity without going overboard.

The Mean One (Film Review): As Cuddly as a Cactus

Despite its promising premise, The Mean One falls short of its potential due to poor…

Naked Zombie Girl is Back (Review): She Fights Zombies… NAKED

Naked Zombie girl is Back could have easily been a disaster, but ends up being a fun ride with solid effects and action, even if it’s not exactly breaking new ground.

Raven’s Hollow (Shudder) Film Review: Period Gothic Horror

Raven’s Hollow effectively uses atmosphere and strong visuals to make a satisfying horror experience, despite some clunky dialogue and questionable direction choices.

This is Gwar (Review): The History of Metal’s Zaniest Collective

This is Gwar is a celebration of the group, chronicling their journey from art school weirdos in Richmond, all the way to the Scumdogs of the Universe the metal world knows and loves.

Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes (Review): Domestic Gothic Drama

While visually stunning, Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes suffers from a screenplay that may mislead viewers, resulting in a twist that may not be welcome.

Cabaret (1972) Film Review: The Musical Legend Turns Fifty

With its unique and provocative musical numbers, Cabaret (1972) shines the brightest when its stars take center stage, though its plotting can be inconsistent.

Agnes (2021) Film Review

Some solid performances from a good cast aren’t enough to save Agnes from a lack of focus, underwhelming direction, and an inability to fully decide on what it wants to be.