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red penguins
Red Penguins: How American Capitalism Tried to Infiltrate Russian Hockey (Review)

With Red Penguins, Gabe Polsky adds another Soviet hockey documentary to his filmography, though certain framing and biases will probably be divisive among some viewers.

Relic: Australian Indie Horror Disguised as a Family Drama (Review)

Relic, Natalie Erika James’ directorial debut, is slow to start, but tension built on metaphors leads to a satisfying payoff.

Inheritance: A Privileged Life Tainted by a Shocking Secret (Review)

Inheritance is an uneven thriller with intense drama, mystery, and arresting visuals, though it struggles with certain payoffs.

Roger Waters: Us + Them: Psychedelic Rock Fans Rejoice! (Review)

Roger Waters: Us + Them recontextualizes classic songs, and will be a triumph for the…

Jaws: Hollywood’s Greatest Shark Movie (Review)

Forty-five years after its initial release, Jaws reminds us why it continues to thrive within…

The Grey Fox: A Nuanced Character Study of the Turn-of-the-Century Outlaw (Review)

The Grey Fox reminds us why it’s a classic of Canadian cinema nearly four decades…

The Final Wish: An exercise in the domestic paranormal (Review)

The Final Wish is an uneven indie-horror experience that may still be worth the ride…

Proximity: Independent Sci-Fi With High Budget Aspirations (Review)

Proximity shows that writer and director Eric Demeusy has potential, even if the finished product…

The Invisible Man: a masterclass in sci-fi/horror, dread and social commentary (Review)

The Invisible Man creates a harrowing experience that is truly horrifying beyond just being a…

1917: A Race Against Time And A Fresh Interpretation Of The War Genre (Review)

1917 is a visual triumph while delivering a fresh perspective on the resilience of the…