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Yehuda Siegel

Obsessed with movies, philosophy, and pasta — but mostly pasta. The Safdie Brothers’ Good Time is when I realized the potential of film to show the many depths of humanity, and Paul Thomas Anderson quickly became my favorite director shortly thereafter. I like trashy horror almost as much as I love Kiarostami, Kurosawa, and Lynch. Avid defender of Despicable Me and Cars 2 as masterpieces of children’s entertainment, and a lover of animation in general.

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Jennifer’s Body: Unfortunately Ahead Of Its Time (Review)

Jennifer’s Body is a horror comedy that provides a laser-sharp look into femininity within the cut-throat culture of high school.

Park Chan-wook ‘s Thirst: The Humanity of the Inhumane (Review)

Park Chan-wook’s Thirst is an unforgettable and unflinchingly human exploration of the dichotomous emotional responses that come with sinful behavior filtered through vampiric lore.