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Philip Bagnall

Irish-born, London-based critic of many years. Has an MA in Film Studies, so yes, he actually knows what he's talking about. Has interviewed Russell Crowe and Mike Leigh, and lived to tell the tale.

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Selman Nacar on Hesitation Wound: Interview

We sit down for an interview with writer-director Selman Nacar to discuss Hesitation Wound, his day-in-the-life Turkish courtroom drama.

In The Land of Saints and Sinners: Film Review

In The Land of Saints and Sinners has some fine performances and scenery, but it can’t decide on a tone, with awkward results.

Day of the Fight: Venice Film Review

Day of the Fight has ambition and some good performances, but it lacks the originality to stand out from other sports movies.

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus: Film Review

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus is an elegant and moving tribute to (and from) a world class musical talent.

Coup de Chance: Venice Film Review

With Coup de Chance, Woody Allen proves he’s still capable of delivering a short and sweet charmer, even in a new country and language.

Aggro Dr1ft: Venice Film Review

Aggro Dr1ft is an irritating, confrontational and dreadfully adolescent attempt at experimentia. For sadomasochists only.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar: Film Review

Short but very sweet, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is a concentrated dose of Anderson’s symmetrical style.

DogMan (2023): Venice Film Review

Despite a terrific lead turn from Caleb Landry Jones, Luc Besson’s stylish drama/thriller DogMan just isn’t original enough to be memorable.

Comandante: Venice Film Review

Comandante is exciting, well-produced and different enough from other recent war films to overcome weaknesses in its script and production.