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Myrthe Leenders

Literature graduate turned exhibition designer, pretty versatile, always adventurous. Loves mixing books with social events. There’s never a moment not to analyse plot twists, character developments, denouements, or disjointed narratives – in life or on screen. Great lover of coffee, 90s teen drama and Kelly MacDonald. My superhero skill is writing reviews with a chronic writers-block.

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White Riot: An Energetic, Rebellious Documentary About Punk Versus Racism

White Riot’s punk aesthetic and uncontrollable ethos shows us why the fight against racism is far from over and, through music, a lot more political action can be done than thought.

Bacurau (2019): Film Review

Bacurau is a film for those into magic realism, science fiction, political and social critique, in the form of a classic Western parody set in Brazil’s outback.