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Morgan Olson

Just a writer working hard to prove they’re more nuanced than they may appear. I’m never watching the movies I should be, but I’m always enjoying what I watch. Horror, science-fiction, action and any intermingling of the three, yes please. I owe it all to Sam Raimi and Ryan Gosling.

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Rialto: A Dour, Mid-Life Crisis Film Carried by its Leads (Review)

Rialto is a heart wrenching but unexpectedly problematic drama about an older man’s encounters with a young, male prostitute.

The Book of Vision (Venice Review): Sincere but Reductive

The Book of Vision is a narratively plodding but visually engaging philosophical journey.

Ruben Pla on The Horror Crowd: An Invitation into the Macabre Community (Interview)

In this interview with The Horror Crowd’s director, writer and editor Ruben Pla, we discuss the history of the horror industry and Pla’s own opinions on what’s to come.

Perfect 10: Film Review

Perfect 10, director/writer Eva Riley’s debut feature, is an assuredly shot and well-acted teen drama with unpretentious intentions and accessible stakes.

All Alien Films Ranked From Worst to Best

It’s always time to talk about classics. So, in eternal celebration of science-fiction horror, here’s every Alien film, ranked from worst to best.

First Cow: A Minimalist Frontier (Review)

First Cow is a niche recommendation; an anemic expression of the trails of the American frontier.

A White, White Day (Review): How Ghosts Still Echo

Hlyun Pálmason’s patient and assured hand guides A White, White Day with profound, naturalistic simplicity.…

Dark: What Sets Netflix’s TV Series Apart (Review)

Dark ’s creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese’s have crafted a remarkable, labyrinthian series of interconnected characters, events, and consequences.

All Friday the 13th Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

Whether you’re new to the franchise or a long-time fan, here are all Friday the…

Michael: The Model and “the Painter of Pains” (Review)

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Michael is a staggeringly sensitive portrayal of queer love and a historically…