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TIFF 2020: 20 Films to Watch at the Toronto International Film Festival

From Regina King and Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debuts to Chloé Zhao and Spike Lee’s new dramas, here are 20 great films to watch at TIFF 2020.

Yes, God, Yes: Short Film Narrative In Feature-Length Time (Review)

In Yes, God, Yes, a smart 2017 short film about sexuality and religious guilt loses its message when stretched over 87 minutes in a full length feature.

I Used to Go Here: Life at its Most Authentic (Review)

In I Used to Go Here, Gillian Jacobs shines as a published author who revisits her old university, embarking on a bizarre trip down memory lane.

Comic-Con@Home: All The New Movie & TV Trailers (SDCC 2020)

Though the San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is happening at home, new movie & TV trailers are still being released: find them all in this article, and come back for updates.

Love Sarah: No Sarah, but Plenty of Love (Review)

Love Sarah is a heartwarming and well-meaning bakery drama with serious Chocolat vibes, but it’s a few ingredients away from hitting the mark.

Mighty Oak: One Rocker Goes, Here Comes Another (Review)

Mighty Oak favours clichés, odd characterisation and unlikely mystical revelations over what could have been…

Dreambuilders: A Magical Adventure in the Hidden World Behind our Dreams (Review)

Dreambuilders is a stunning, charming animated adventure about a girl who discovers a secret portal…

Babyteeth: A Devastatingly Honest, Surprisingly Fun Coming-of-Age Cancer Drama (Review)

In Babyteeth, Shannon Murphy perfectly captures the absurdity of life, balancing irony and drama and…

Crow: The Legend (VR) is a Shot of Pure Happiness (Review)

Now available to watch for free on YouTube, Crow: The Legend is a stunning tale…

We Are One Film Festival: We Have a Programme!

We Are One Film Festival will take over YouTube on May 29 – June 7,…