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Sia’s “Music” Isn’t Interested In Its Titular Character (Review)

Featuring gorgeous music videos and great songs, Sia’s Music uses many familiar tropes to tell a story that isn’t really about its neurodiverse titular character.

Lou Ward on Tinker: “Memories are What Make ‘You’ You” (Interview)

Lou Ward tells us about developing Tinker, a live, unscripted VR performance that raises awareness on Alzheimer’s Disease by making you part of the story.

The Sparks Brothers: The Sundance Review Fanfare!

In The Sparks Brothers, master storyteller Edgar Wright introduces us to Sparks, crafting a documentary that’s as captivating, cool and ironic as the pop-rock duo itself.

John and the Hole: Mesmerizing Pyschological Thriller (Sundance Review)

John and the Hole is the flawed but wonderfully twisted story of a 13-year-old boy who finds an inventive way to distance himself from his family.

Seeds of Deceit: Thought-Provoking Fertility Doctor Case Study (Sundance Review)

Seeds of Deceit, Miriam Guttmann’s series about fertility doctor Jan Karbaat, asks all the right questions, leaving you with a lot to think about.

Pietro Gagliano on dynamic Virtual Reality film “Agence” (Interview)

Pietro Gagliano tells us about developing Agence, a dynamic VR experience that lets users play God with Artifically Intelligent creatures, tackling issues of responsibility, human-machine empathy, and more.

A Teacher (Fx on Hulu): Reflections on Morality (Review)

Hulu miniseries A Teacher examines a predatory relationship between a teacher and a high school student, offering meaningful reflections on morality.

Stardust: A Bowie-Inspired, Bowie-Less Drama (Raindance Review)

Despite its intriguing premise, Stardust is an uninspired fictional account of the birth of Ziggy Stardust that features no Bowie in neither music nor spirit.

Sublet: The Lessons We Learn From Strangers (Newfest Review)

Clever, ironic and overwhelmingly human, Sublet shows us what happens when we’re taken out of our comfort zone, and teaches us a valuable lesson in love.

Nine Days: A Stunning Investigation on Life (AFI Fest Review)

Seen through the eyes of five souls competing to be born, Nine Days is a poignant analysis of existence that reminds us of what makes life worth living.