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Serena Seghedoni

I quote obscure movie references in conversations and take disappointing book endings way too seriously. I watch Love, Actually every Christmas, I take life lessons from Dawson’s Creek, I’ve written a dissertation on Joker, and I once had to explain to the security guards at the airport that the ‘sharp item’ they found in my bag was, in fact, a Harry Potter wand.

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Ashkal (LFF Review): Neo-Noir Tunisian Crime Thriller

Director Youssef Chebbi blends the crime thriller and neo-noir genres in Ashkal, a gorgeous yet unfocused investigative tale set in Tunis.

Argentina, 1985 (Film Review): “Señores jueces, Nunca más”

Revolving around the Trial of the Juntas Argentina, 1985 tells its true story with wit and heart, resulting in a gripping film that will surprise you more than once.

Dead for a Dollar (Film Review): Enjoyable, But Puzzling

Dead for a Dollar is an enjoyable enough film with a talented cast, but a predictable script prevents it from being the great western it could have been.

Argentina, 1985: Interview with Santiago Mitre, Ricardo Darín & Alejandra Flechner - Venice Film Festival

In this Venice 2022 interview, we speak with director Santiago Mitre and stars Ricardo Darín and Alejandra Flechner about their film Argentina, 1985.

Director David Wagner on “Eismayer”: Venice Interview - Venice Film Festival

In this Venice Film Festival interview, we speak with director David Wagner about his poignant movie Eismayer, telling the true story of a sergeant who falls in love with a recruit.

The Son (Venice Review): Superb Storytelling

The Son is another superb film from Florian Zeller, tackling mental health, family dynamics, generational trauma, and the choices we face as parents.

“Typeman” Will Make You Feel Alive (Venice Immersive Review)

It was love at first sight with Keisuke Itoh’s Typeman, a gorgeous, fun and meaningful virtual reality work that will make you experience multiple emotions.

Don’t Worry Darling (Venice Review): Flawed but Enjoyable

Florence Pugh shines in Don’t Worry Darling, a film that favours message over storytelling but that’s still an enjoyable, gripping watch.

Florent Gouëlou, Pablo Pauly & Romain Eck on Three Nights A Week: Interview - Venice Film Festival

Venice interview: Director Florent Gouëlou and stars Pablo Pauly and Romain Eck talk about Three Nights A Week, the opening film of the International Critics’ Week.

Eismayer (Venice Review): Love, Truth, & Masculinity

Revolving around a sergeant who falls in love with an openly gay recruit, David Wagner’s Eismayer tells the true story of a man who learns that there’s nothing wrong with being who he is.