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Kei Ryan

Really, I just like stories. Horrid Henry got me into books, Sarah Connor got me into movies, and The Prodigy got me into music. These days, all that’s really needed for me to enjoy something is some physical comedy, a ghost or two, and a pinch of melancholy to tie it all together.

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Wonder Woman (1975): Episode 1 Review

Wonder Woman (1975)episode 1 is familiar at first, but the quirky ‘70s presentation of 1940s Washington feels refreshing in our time of superhero-fatigue. 

Sissy Sorcery (2021): Movie Review

Sissy Sorcery is a performance-based piece on transgender intimacy and identity affirmation, reclaiming the representation present in adult movies.

Tokyo Pop (1988): Movie Review

Tokyo Pop is an endearing trip from New York to Tokyo through a reproduction of the underground music scenes in 1980s Japan and America.

Escaping with “Flying Clipper” (1962)

Flying Clipper is an enticing, humbling, inspiring journey, following a crew of sailors from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

Dead Hot: Season of the Witch – Movie Review

Tailor-fit for a night-in, Dead Hot: Season of the Witch follows Vanessa Hudgens and GG Magree to Salem, capturing their newfound interest in witchcraft.

Mayday (2021): Film Review

Mayday is an enigmatic, but certainly unfavourable criticism of war, war movies, and the role of female characters among it all.

Flying Images (1989) Review: My Favourite Movie

Flying Images (1989) is an aptly named eleven-minute movie, featuring a stroboscopic combination of the countryside with pictures of a woman.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2: Review

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2, for better or worse, tries to step away from the traditional slasher atmosphere of its predecessor.

Fe (1994): Film Review

Fe (1994) abandons genre to follow the plight of those living within a bleak reality similar to our own, before offering a scrap of hope for the future.

Vanishing Point: Film Review

Vanishing Point presents an American state-crossing car chase ripe for narrative interpretations and thematic metaphors.