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Keeley Brooks

Movie-quoting film snob since 1996. I’m a US-based entertainment writer and a voracious consumer of film, streaming, and television content. I’ve been called obsessive about my viewing experience because I once snatched a box of Milk Duds out of my date’s hand at the theater for repeatedly thumping on it during LOTR: ROTK to "get the ones at the bottom." I also once forced a college mass comm. dept. to acknowledge film studies in their curriculum so I could study and write about cinema without having to jump ship. And they did. True story.

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King on Screen: Film Review

If you’ve ever wondered why filmmakers are so eager to adapt Stephen King’s stories, King on Screen is your chance to find out why!

The Crowded Room is Inspired by a True Story

If you’ve taken the time to watch The Crowded Room’s opening credits, you already know it is inspired by a true story, but how closely does the miniseries follow actual events?

The Crowded Room Episode 10 Recap

The Crowded Room ’s Episode 10 finally exposes the whole truth behind Danny’s jigsaw psyche as we learn the fate of his future with a court verdict.

Sympathy for the Devil: Film Review

With excellent performances from Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman, Sympathy for the Devil is one hell of a psychological thriller worth riding out to the very last second!

The Crowded Room Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of The Crowded Room explores the family conflict that led to Danny’s fractured psyche, and the revelation will have your heart bleeding all over the floor.

Fear the Night: Film Review

Fear the Night is a good home-invasion movie that works as an empowering chick thriller, but the real reason to see it is Maggie Q.

The Crowded Room Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 of The Crowded Room sees an impressive performance from Tom Holland as Danny explores his alters and their consequences while connecting with himself.

The Flood: Film Review

The Flood presents an interesting idea but struggles to deliver a thriller full of action, horror, and urgency.

The Crowded Room Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of Apple TV+’s The Crowded Room brings us deep into Danny’s fractured mind and unearths some startling revelations.

The Crowded Room Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of The Crowded Room dives deeper into mental health and its diagnoses, as well as finally revealing the truth about Adam while introducing a key piece of evidence in Danny’s case.