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Justin Kim

I sit back, relax, and lose myself in a few hours worth of muscle-bound heroes, explosions, magic, spaceships, and heart. Such is the experience I am positively addicted to. I have written reviews and discussions for a wide range of media since 2016, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. My favorite genres are horror and high fantasy.

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All John Wick Movies Ranked

In preparation for John Wick: Chapter 4, we take a look at all the movies in Keanu Reeves’ gun-fu action franchise, ranked from worst to best.

Unlocked (Netflix): Film Review

A relevant and relatable premise, good acting, and some chilling scenes aren’t enough to cover up Netflix’s Unlocked’s noticeable plot holes.

Knock at the Cabin (2023): Film Review

Knock at the Cabin shows you cannot knock Shyamalan’s talent at crafting tension, even if everything else ends up strange as a result.

How M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass Subverts the Superhero Genre

In Glass, Shyamalan subverts superhero conventions through its character dynamics, but ultimately ends with love for comic books.

Plane: 2023 Movie Review

Plane makes it clear that it isn’t reaching for new heights but doesn’t wing it either, delivering perfectly acceptable entertainment.

M3GAN (Review): AI Grows Insane

M3GAN builds a surprisingly potent story around its titular character, but its toppings are a little bare compared to its base.

MCU Phase 4 Retrospective: What Went Wrong?

Despite its once grand status, Phase 4 of the MCU has soured the franchise’s reputation in a number of people’s eyes, but just what went wrong?

Is Black Panther (2018) Overrated?

Despite its initial praise, Black Panther (2018) has seen a significant amount of backlash and accusations of being overrated. But how many of them are true?

Halloween Ends: Film Review

Halloween Ends is a Halloween movie that doesn’t seem to want to be a Halloween movie, and suffers all the more for it.

Halloween (2018 Film): My Unpopular Diatribe

Despite being one of the more successful sequels in the franchise, Halloween (2018) is too unfocused and undercooked to be a treat, in my unpopular opinion.