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Joshua Stevens

I am a long time film fan currently trying my best to combine my love of cinema with my passion for writing. I live in small-town Ohio and teach high school language arts and a film class! When I’m not watching movies (or grading papers), I’m hanging out with my dogs, watching football with my family, or getting into deep philosophical conversations with my friends. Oh, and I’m always drinking coffee.

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The Social Network (2010): Film Review

The Social Network explores the origins Facebook and examines its founder, and remains a defining David Fincher film due to its direction, script, and score.

Palm Trees and Power Lines (2023): Film Review

Palm Trees and Power Lines, Jamie Dack’s first film, addresses difficult themes effectively thanks to a powerhouse lead performance from Lily McInerny.

Good Guy with a Gun (2023): Film Review

Good Guy with a Gun asks relevant questions about gun violence and attempts to answer them, but the ideas in the film are more thought-provoking than the execution.

Taxi Driver (Film Analysis): The Sacred and the Profane

Our analysis of Taxi Driver reveals how the film provides a sickening, fascinating look into the depths of the human psyche.

Aliens (1986) Film Review: Enthralling Sci-Fi with a Moral Center

Aliens, James Cameron’s bombastic and surprisingly emotional 1986 sequel, dissects motherhood and trauma in exhilarating and terrifying fashion.

Andor Season 1 Review: Cyberpunk, Politics, and Sparking a Rebellion

Season 1 of Andor, the new Star Wars spinoff show, is slow-building, methodical, and presents the rebellion at its most grimy and compelling.

The Master (2012): PTA’s Psychological Magnum Opus 10 Years Later

10 years later, The Master remains a psychologically gripping tale about humankind’s search for meaning and the different “masters,” good and bad, we serve.