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Joseph Tomastik

I’m very much a late bloomer when it comes to my love of cinema. I took a career path about as far removed from it as you can think, but over the years I realized just how much film could affect me, and how exciting it was to explore and analyze it to the extent I do now. I’ve been writing reviews and discussion pieces since 2018, and now hope to take this relatively new path even further. My favorite genre is easily science fiction, as it opens the door to so many possibilities while still trying to ground itself to varying degrees depending on the story.

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Noise (Ruido) Film Review: Speaking Out Against Violence

Noise (Ruido) looks at crime and violence from the perspective of its victims’ loved ones, before urging everyone to speak against the corruption that lets it happen.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A #@%! (2023): Film Review

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a #@%! isn’t remarkably made as a documentary, but its message about what really matters in life is far too invaluable to pass up.

The Pale Blue Eye (Netflix) Review: More Poe Mystery Films, Please!

The Pale Blue Eye features a top-notch performance from Harry Melling as Edgar Allan Poe, in service of a beautiful, subversive, melancholy mystery film.

10 Overlooked and Underrated Films of 2022

2022 has come and gone, and it’s left many overlooked and underrated films in its wake. From Vengeance to Halloween Ends, let’s go through 10 of them!

The Old Way (Film Review): A Nicolas Cage Western

Nicolas Cage is the unsurprising standout of The Old Way, but his talents are utilized in an otherwise inconsistently directed and written Western.

Joyeux Noël (2006) Review: A Powerful Christmas War Film

Joyeux Noel is a highly overlooked Christmas war film that portrays amazing true events with the weight, complexity, and powerful emotion they richly deserve.

Why The Last Jedi is a Great Sequel to The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is ridiculed for dismissing the groundwork of The Force Awakens, but it’s a great sequel that continues the story properly. Here’s why.

Out of this World (Film Review): Frustratingly Conventional

Out of this World uses unconventional means to tell a frustratingly conventional story, offering something new with its filmmaking but not the content within.

All Rian Johnson Films Ranked From Worst to Best (Including Glass Onion)

It’s time to look over all of the diverse, original films of writer/director Rian Johnson, including Glass Onion, ranked from worst to best!

The Midnight Club (Netflix) Review: A Time Management Failure

The Midnight Club’s few prominent merits are buried by poor management of time between its forgettable anthology tales and childishly “scary” overarching plot.