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Joseph Tomastik

I’m very much a late bloomer when it comes to my love of cinema. I took a career path about as far removed from it as you can think, but over the years I realized just how much film could affect me, and how exciting it was to explore and analyze it to the extent I do now. I’ve been writing reviews and discussion pieces since 2018, and now hope to take this relatively new path even further. My favorite genre is easily science fiction, as it opens the door to so many possibilities while still trying to ground itself to varying degrees depending on the story.

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The Royal Hotel: TIFF Film Review

Through smartly restrained directing that keeps you hooked on the potential for danger, The Royal Hotel breathes new life into its familiar themes.

American Fiction: TIFF Film Review

Half of American Fiction is an engaging family drama, but the other half is a sometimes funny but often overdone satire of representation in entertainment.

Monster (2023): TIFF Film Review

Monster uses its multiple perspectives to paint a masterfully subdued picture of childhood, acceptance, and the longing for freedom.

Knox Goes Away: TIFF Film Review

Michael Keaton’s Knox Goes Away is barely saved by a powerful ending, but it still suffers from meandering direction and wasted potential.

Boy Kills World Interview: Moritz Mohr & Simon Swart

We interview Boy Kills World director Moritz Mohr and producer Simon Swart to learn about the inspiration and craft behind their TIFF-premiering film.

Boy Kills World: TIFF Film Review

Boy Kills World smashes a wide range of genres together to create a wonderfully crazy mosaic of action, gore, and imagination.

Woman of the Hour: TIFF Film Review

With its clever structure and sobering story, Woman of the Hour shows director Anna Kendrick is just as sharp behind the camera as she is in front of it.

Dumb Money: Film Review

Dumb Money isn’t the most searing dig at capitalism out there, but it gets by with its sharp humor, strong cast, and unpredictable momentum.

Dicks The Musical: TIFF Film Review

Dicks: The Musical is a raunchy, absurd, hilariously wild ride brought to life by a committed cast, catchy songs, and clever twists of a familiar tale.

The Boy and the Heron: TIFF Film Review

The Boy and the Heron lets the worldbuilding distract too much from the story, leaving most of Hayao Miyazaki’s magic to go stale.