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Modern Languages and International Film student with too much time on his hands and too many films in his watchlist. Shameless fan of summer blockbusters and an unapologetic completionist when it comes to movies – most commonly found buying snacks for my next trip to the cinema.

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James Wan ’s Horror Movies, Ranked from Worst to Best

James Wan is one of the pioneers of modern horror, and we’ve ranked each of his movies from worst to best!

Kate: Style Over Substance in New Netflix Thriller (Review)

Kate is a vibrant and ambitious take on the action genre, but ultimately feels like a more tiresome version of what we’ve seen many times before.

Worth: Rebuilding a Flawed Legal Landscape (Review)

Worth certainly isn’t an easy watch, but its precisely crafted screenplay asks the audience crucial questions regarding life, loss and the value of humanity.

Wild Indian (Review): Inside The Tortured Mind of the Abused

Wild Indian paints a bleak portrait of abuse and trauma through its story of a desperate killer under attack.

Reminiscence: Jackman Shines in Stylish Neo-Noir (Review)

Reminiscence is bound to be one of the year’s more divisive films, but its poignant story and stunning visuals make it a riveting journey throughout.

Beckett: Netflix ’s Non-Stop Thriller Aims Too High (Review)

Beckett is full of plenty of thrills and shocks, but its overloaded script often feels too complex for its own good.

Don’t Breathe (Review): A Visual Triumph of Confined Horror

Don’t Breathe manages to rise above its surprisingly basic script, and creates a chillingly intense experience to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jungle Cruise: A Charming Homage to Classic Adventure Films (Review)

Jungle Cruise might not quite live up to the emotional highs of the films it draws inspiration from, but it’s an entertaining ride nevertheless.

Whirlybird: An Explosive Exploration of Identity, Ambition and Abuse (Review)

Whirlybird is not just a captivating adventure through the skies of Los Angeles – but also an introspective portrait of family life and the strive for success.

Top 10 Hidden Gems of 2021 (So Far…)

Check out some of these under-appreciated hidden gems of 2021 if you’re finding yourself underwhelmed by the number of movies releasing in theatres right now!