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Modern Languages and International Film student with too much time on his hands and too many films in his watchlist. Shameless fan of summer blockbusters and an unapologetic completionist when it comes to movies – most commonly found buying snacks for my next trip to the cinema.

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What We Do In The Shadows (2014) Review: A Satire Masterwork

With his hilariously innovative comedy What We Do In The Shadows, Taika Waititi single-handedly revolutionised the mockumentary genre.

5 Underrated Musical Biopics That Deserve More Attention

Despite the genre’s increasingly dull reputation, there are plenty of underrated musical biopics out there whose inventive storytelling deserves more attention.

Jurassic Park (1993) Review: The Family Adventure Of A Generation

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is not only one of the best summer blockbusters of all time, but also a thoughtful examination of our fixation with the past.

Schindler’s List (Review): Spielberg’s Incidental Masterwork

Schindler’s List sees Spielberg take everything that he knows about blockbuster filmmaking and apply it to a heartbreaking story about war and heroism.

The Godfather: The Father, The Son, and The Family Legacy

Time repeats itself time and time again, and the prolific crime epic The Godfather explores just how dangerous and self-destructive the idea of ‘legacy’ can be.

Rope (Review): Hitchcock ’s Understated Examination of Murder

With Rope, Alfred Hitchcock flexes his filmmaking muscles and proves that his title as the “master of suspense” is entirely warranted.

All 8 Harry Potter Films, Ranked From Worst to Best

Take a look through our list of all the Harry Potter films, ranked worst to best, in honor of the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore!

Swiss Army Man (Review): “Maybe Everyone’s A Little Ugly”

Swiss Army Man is a touching comedy/drama that’s equal parts poetic and bizarre in its exploration of existence and the purpose of life.

Columbus (Film Review): Hazy Meditations on a Faraway World

Kogonada’s Columbus is a dreamlike exploration of the lost being found, and the drifting impacts we have on each other’s lives.

Saving Private Ryan (Analysis): Propaganda Through Immersion

Through its immersive narrative and stylistic direction, Saving Private Ryan reminds us of the indiscriminate terror of trench warfare.